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Do you want Matt Ryan (to be a Falcon)?

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Maybe if he's a free agent a few years from now and shows potential we could work with and we don't have the QB situation figured out by then.

That's pretty much the only way I would accept him to this team.  When it comes to the draft I'd take Brohm, Henne, Johnson, Dixon, Woodson, and **** even AINGE before Ryan.

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no i think he is over hyped the people at espn feel that there should be a QB taken in the top ten every year and he was voted the best by some deranged individuals and so he shot up to being in the talks as a top 3 top 5 or top 10 pick cuz you looking closely enough you noticed that as we get closer to the draft where he is projected to be drafted keeps on getting lower teams and finally waking up and smelling the coffee :P

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Carter (4/9/2008)
bucman (4/9/2008)
I would love to see the Falcons draft Matt Ryan...

I bet you would.

I hope the Suckaneers don't end up with Brohm in their lap at 20. :(

i dont think they would do that because they need a wideout ASAP, but it wouldnt surprise me if gruden made that move. they would have like 20 qbs.

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