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value of 2nd round pick?

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i have been thinking alot.  it all depends of the 1st 2 picks.  the dolphins i think have to go Jake long.  and the Rams i think could go Jake Long or Chris Long

In my opinion, this would be perfect.  I would have to go with Glenn Dorsey. 

If he is not available, I would do everything i could to trade down.  I would try and get Sedrick Ellis DT with the pick recieved.

I just think we need to uprade that DT spot, we all know we have a good outside pass rush.  now we need to clog the middle.


all of this being said.  I think we should trade our last 2 picks in the second round.  with the point value chart, those two combined picks #s 37 and 48 have a value of 960.  with these two picks, we can move all the way up to 17 in the 1st round.

Think about the quality of guys we could get.  B Brohm, an excellent OT, CB any # of positions.  Then after this pick...

you still have one of the top 2nd rounders.  with this pick, try and fill a whole at WR or OT

I think we have alot of amo to trade up if there is a very good player slipping.

If we can get Ellis or Dorsey...it sucks, but we can get the DT from ND Laws.

what are your thoughts???

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Boley59 (4/9/2008)
i think we stay put in round 2.  We have to many needs and 3 quality players sure sounds liek a good way to do it.

I'm with you on this one give away to 2nds to gain one first no I think to we should stay with three picks in the 2nd.Its a popular opinion that Brohm won't get outta the first but I'm thinking he may.I think with 3 2nds we are still in excellant position to get quality players and fill the holes we have.

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if you feel the need to move up in the draft, 27 is the perfect spot. the chargers have very few picks so might be willing to move down for 48, a 4th, and possibly a 4th or 5th next year. i think brohm is still there at 27, i think the real threats are someone making a huge offer to get higher, the niners and dolphins both of whom pick after 27. we sacrifice a 4th but get a quarterback(brohm preferably, possibly henne who will probably be miamis second round pick if we dont move up and brohm is already taken)

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