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Yeah, Peter King is awesome when it comes to the draft, particularly when grading fair-armed, system QB's:


"I usually make a mockery of the NFL draft in my mock first-round grid. It's a chance for me to show how much I really don't know about what's going to happen Saturday. This much I do know: Seattle and Washington are trying to trade up into the top 10. I can only figure both teams want Joey Harrington. Which, if true, should make Trent Dilfer really happy he signed with the Seahawks -- and should make Matt (My Stock Is Plummeting Faster Than AOL-Time Warner's) Hasselbeck even happier.

My guess is that before Saturday some team will move into the No. 5-10 range to get Harrington. I said 10 days ago it would be Cincinnati moving up from the 10-spot -- if I were the Bengals I'd deal with Dallas at No. 6 to ensure getting Harrington. But for the sake of uniformity, I won't make a deal here. I'll just pick it straight"


"2. Washington. We all knew Dan Snyder needed to do something starry in this draft. He couldn't get the receiver he coveted, Tennessee sprinter Donte' Stallworth (Steve Spurrier would have turned him into a legend). So Washington traded down twice for the player it might have taken at 18, Tulane quarterback Patrick Ramsey, and picked up three extra picks in the process. Ramsey had become a hot prospect since the scouting combine for his incredibly tireless arm -- one scout told me he threw to receiver after receiver for their workouts in Indianapolis and estimated he threw 2,000 passes while at the combine -- and what-do-you-want-me-to-do-next work ethic. One quibble: Ladell Betts in the second round? They could have used that pick more wisely. "

"I bet you right now Crouch is second on the Rams in touchdown passes this fall. "

"But Clinton Portis in the second round? New rule in the NFL this year: You can't have more than 16 running backs on the roster, Mike. "

"I watched a lot of tape of Phillip Buchanon this month, and any team that got him was going to be improved this fall."

"And I love Josh McCown, the third-round quarterback from Sam Houston State. He's a risk-taker with a gutty streak that reminds me of Brett Favre."

"I love William Green. So he had some college trouble. So he smoked pot. So he ticked a few of his coaches with some attitude. Watch the man play. Watch him make reliable, Emmitt Smith-type moves. Watch him maximize his holes. "

"They'd better hope Julius Peppers is special -- and that Chris Weinke is good enough to make people not dwell on the success Joey Harrington will have as an NFL player. Because he will have some. "

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Oh my favorite King QB predction was Danny Wurfell going to the Pro-Bowl or some kind of crap like that...

And unless a team falls in love with Brohm and decides they HAVE to trade up to get him... what team at the bottom of the first round,  (which most likely made the playoffs), is going to take a QB?

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