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Falcon fans: What were your SAT scores?

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980 on the SAT

But I think I get an A+ when it comes to common sense.

Honestly that test means nothing to me.  I hate that it has a big impact on many young adults lives.  It didn't affect me because I wanted to play football so I was very open to many different schools (that's why I'm in Kansas).  I would hate to be the kid that is trying to get into a school like Duke and the reason they get denied is because of a test score.

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grendel (4/9/2008)

You grow up where you grow up. I hope the Falcons turn it around soon to make it a less painful pastime.

Nobody under 25 remembers it, but the Braves were exactly the same laughing stock right up until we traded Dale Murphy in 1990. What seemed like we were throwing in the towel freed up a job for David Justice and we haven't looked back since.

I thought Vick's selection was going to have the same impact on the Falcons. Maybe it will be Brohm.

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We drove down a lot in the late 80s/early 90s when I was in college. I saw Tom Glavine pitch in a game in 1988 where it was raining. Official attendance was supposedly 6,000, but there weren't 800 people at the game. I always sympathize with the Marlins for this reason. I've been to MLB games where you can count the number of fans in attendance. It's humiliating.

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