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O-Line vs. QB debate


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Where do we begin, let's start with the OL. Last i checked we are only in need of two positions, LT and RG. Being that Jake Long will not be there at 3 we will have to address this problem with picks second round on anyway, agreed? Some on this board act like if we don't draft first round OL we are doomed. There should be no more question marks about our line after this draft no matter where we pick them up.

Okay, what is our goal for the next few years, preferably no more than three. To be an average to slightly above average team or to be SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS!!!

Some of the thinking on this board is alarming. I have heard several say we don't need a top signal caller to be successful in this system or we don't need a Qb at all. This is just simply crazy talking. Just look over all of the past superbowls and what you are going to find is that around 90% of them had great QB'S not average ones, with the exceptions of the phenominal defenses and don't kid yourselfs we are not even close even if we draft dorsey.

The point is next years crop of QBs look at this point worse than this years and there will not be any great QB's in free agency. So come on people i don't see where we have any option but to try to get who 90% of the football world thinks is the consensus #1 QB(the  10% that disagree being this message board)

No team drafting any QBs in any past drafts new for sure if they were getting a gem or bust. I remember Peyton Manning before the draft they were saying he had happy feet and that he couldn't win the big games(florida gators) No one truly gave him the credit he deserved until he won the superbowl. Same goes for his brother heck just a few games before the superbowl he was about to be kicked out of NY. These are just examples of pre draft jitters for teams and fans.

A great O-line with an average QB will get you average to Slightly above average seasons unless you have the defenses like the 85 bears, or the bucs the year they won, and the ravens in their year. Set your goals a little higher fellow fans we deserve it.

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I understand what you're saying and I've been a recent proponent of not drafting a pine-riding backup out of this year's draft.  Just because there are no worthy QBs worth drafting at this point for next year and definitely no decent FA's until 2010 doesn't mean that we have to use a high draft pick (AKA gamble) on a long term "Project" when we can get plenty of projects in the 4th-5th+ rounds.

I must also say that it could also be a gamble not to get a QB from the draft this year just in case the 3 QBs on our roster don't pan out.  But I must say this, as bad as Joey's been since he got drafted, he's never benefitted from a good-great OL, he could potentially get it together as he did show a couple of flashes last year (Think Panthers game that Me-Hall blew). Then there's Redman, who showed some real gains being the primary signal caller the last few games of last season behind an already poor OL that was running on the 'dregs' of the bench.  Put him up a good OL and this guy could really take off.  Then there's Shockley who many say hasn't had an oppurtunity yet mainly due to injury.  How would he benefit with time to throw (and he did throw some nice passes at UGA).  How will his legs hold up if he needed to 'scramble' or run? 

I personally believe the 3 QBs that we currently have beat anything available in the draft this year and therefore believe that we should use our picks wisely to not just shore up the OL but to build decent depth there as well. We also have some huge defensive needs, not just to fill current holes but to also potentially replace those who are nearing their effectiveness on the field in age.  This is a very deep draft in order to get this done and we have many top tier picks in which to acquire the personnel to fill these positions of need. 

I believe with this scenario, we get the oppurtunity to not only fix the OL but to also determine what we really have for a signal caller.  If we find out after this year that we need to acquire another QB, maybe we can make a big trade for one next year since the draft market doesn't look good and no Franchise QBs will be available until 2010.  I share the beliefs of many of you in wanting to get a new Franchise QB, but I don't see anything better than we already have in this draft.

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Great reply, but seriously Jake is not going to be there at 3 and Dorsey might not either since his injuries have been cleared sooo who do we look at then. And please don't say steroid Gholston. Chris would be nice but DE is not a big need for us. So that is all i am saying if dorsey is gone and Jake is gone then i think Ryan would be my choice or trade down.

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