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Offical Draft Matt Ryan Thread(No Hate Post PLZ)


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I still think this is GAFan trying to make people hate or not want ryan more than they already do. He has a sarcastic tone to all these mat ryan threads.  He made a poll called who is hated more Vick or Ryan and most voted ryan.  I dont want ryan either GaFan, I mean MatRyanFan.;)

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monoxide (4/8/2008)
some say he has flashes of Tom Brady, others say Ryan Leaf. I think with his attitude, he could become a very good Quarterback in the NFL, and really doesn't deserve AS MUCH crap as he gets here. If we got him in the first, then Cherilus with the 34th overall, it would be neat to see the 2 BC Eagles lead our offense. I'm not saying I'd take Ryan over Gholston, Ellis, or Dorsey, I'm just saying that it wouldn't be the end of the world.

He very well might be awesome.  But, I'm not asking that.  I wanna know why this dude keeps spaming the boards with Ryan Threads when he can just bump one of his forty other similar threads?


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