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Where would Ryan Be a Deal?

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I don't hate Ryan, his problem is that he likely won't be great. Because this is a weak crop of QBs, I actually wouldn't mind if we took him anywhere from 20 on. I do also rank him with Flacco, but I would put both of them in the 25-30 range.

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im not sure i can gauge it. im leaning towards not at all to be honest. he just doesnt fit our offense well. i suppose in the 2nd round wed really have to rethink that idea, but not until then would i really want to pick him. especially if it involves moving up for him.

its hard for me to say.

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teams are really passing on QBS unless they see something rather special. Look at Brady Quinn everyone assumed a Top 5 Pick? Maybe a top 3? yet he dropped all the way down to what 22nd? And is now probably starting his second year in the NFL on the bench again.

I would take him 20th and up, and i wouldnt take him at all if im the Falcons

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