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Can Renardo Foster really start at LT


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I really liked Foster. But his injury is a problem, and it shows we should not rely on him for the entire season for something like a LT. I would be great if we moved him to guard or RT, but he should stay in as depth for at least a year. He could really be a franchise RT, because he really impressed, but we need to see him long term and injury free before we hand him a starting position.

(If he hadn't gotten injured, I would consider taking him as our starting LT. It's amazing how quickly he outperformed that old vet Gandy no problem)

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1 or 2a

R Foster

H Dahl

Q Ojinnaka

J Blalock

D Batiste

T McClure

B Wilkerson

D Datish


K Forney


T. Pennington


T Weiner

T Clabo


P McCoy

Yellow is on IR  Green is my guess at 08 draft and 4 & 5 may not be great guesses if some of these current men can play at multiple positions

If Foster is healthy and can play at 100% it opens a lot of options.

Foster and Clabo could backup Guard and Tackle, Datish and Steanovich can play center and Guard.

Quarterman is the biggest o-lineman(342) if he could step up big time at Guard-- but no signs yet.

Some of these guys will be gone when the 53 man roster comes out,  Which ones ???

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He didn't play in enough games for me to consider him a valid starter at Left Tackle.  He wasn't starting long enough for D-Coordinators to game plan for him.

First of all he's a 2nd year player and we're not running the Petrino offense anymore.

Secondly... this guy was an undrafted free agent and you're seriously thinking about starting him at the most diffcult offensive line position....Left Tackle

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He seems much more suited for the RT position then LT.  From the little amount I saw of him he didn't seem the have the lateral quickness to deal with the speed rushers he would see at LT but he did seem to have the overall strength to hold up against bullrushers.

Sun Tzu 7 (4/8/2008)
First of all he's a 2nd year player and we're not running the Petrino offense anymore.
Actually in theory the offense we will run this year and the one Petrino said he would run are similar.  This year we are going to run a power running game with a big strong line, last year Petrino said he wanted to do the same thing though he never really did it.  We are also supposedly going to attack the deep part of the field for passing, Petrino said he would do that and again just never had the personel or ever really try to do that. (Though we did go deep a few times)

Foster is the exact type of O-lineman that would fit the scheme very well in that he is a big, strong lineman that can get good push in the run game while still learning to pass block more effectively. (Since I doubt we will be anywhere close to a top 20 passing team by the end of next year)

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loowe (4/8/2008)
Justin Blalock was benched.

he was actually deactivated. McKay deactivated him because he got burned out under the NFL schedule. His play was declining from being tired. After a week or 2 off for rest, he came back and was on point.

That wont be an issue after an offseason of NFL conditioning.

And no, Foster cannot be out starting LT. He would be a good candidate to compete for RT, but even there I wouldnt say he is better than Clabo. FOster had issues with speed edge rusher before a serious injury. It wont get better after an ACL tear. (I think thats what he tore?)

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iDash (4/8/2008)
1989 show us some tape of him getting beat like U said,

if not,

Quit making up #####!


He is my favorite player and I watched him like a Hawk!

Vs the best too


He is a RT or  LT, Thanks Petrino


making things up? where am i making things up? where did i say "he got beat" I said he had issues w speed rushers and that wont improve w a serious injury. and it wont.

You calling me out is comical. especially when you cant even comprehend what I said.

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