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we need players to fit our scheme


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Jeremy Zuttah 6'3 295  bench 225 (35)

A versatile offensive lineman with experience at both guard and tackle positions, Zuttah has the combination of quickness, instincts and nastiness scouts are looking for. Despite having not given up a sack since 2005, Zuttah may struggle to find a starting niche at the next level as he is viewed as a bit of a 'tweener. Still, this four-year starter has proven dependable throughout his career for the Scarlet Knights and could prove to be a late-round find as a valuable swingman.Good overall athleticism. ... Good initial quickness off the snap. ... Uses his hands well to position and sustain blocks, flashing some explosion and nastiness. ... Good set up in pass protection. ... Keeps his shoulders square to the defender and has the foot quickness to compete on the outside. ... Versatile offensive lineman with experience at both guard and tackle positions. ... Viewed by some as athletic and instinctive enough to project best inside at center -- a position he has never played. ... High effort player who wants to be good.

Kirk Barton 6'5 303 (34)

Any player who starts for almost four full years at The Ohio State University should be considered a very solid pro prospect. Barton's not likely to set the Combine on fire with great numbers, but teams can't time his effort with a stopwatch or measure his toughness with a yardstick. He will challenge for playing time early in his NFL career, if the opportunity arrives.Dependable, strong-willed lineman who will be there every play of every game. ... Good strength at the point, able to seal the edge. ... Solid punch that can get his man off-kilter. ... Can quickly get his hands inside the defender's jersey and extend to get maximum leverage. ... Once he's locked in, Barton can bring his feet and move out the defender. ... Uses arm-bar to keep his man locked up if necessary. ... Can combo block if linebacker is fairly close to the line. ... Usually adept at picking up blitzer. ... Does best work against larger ends who rely on bull or one-move rushes.

Michael Gibson 6'4 308 (31)

A former JUCO All-American at Solano College, Gibson emerged as Cal's starting left tackle midway through the 2006 season and was an Honorable Mention conference honoree there in only a season and a half of work. While Gibson lacks the balance and foot quickness to remain outside in the NFL, his toughness and physical run blocking make him an ideal fit inside at guard. Stout, strong frame. ... Powerful hands, upper, and lower. ... Good initial quickness off the snap. ... Generates good explosiveness with a strong initial hand punch and hip roll. ... Effective drive blocker who plays with physicality and nastiness. ... Tough. ... Played through a torn labrum in 2006. ... Impressed with his quick transition to guard while at the East-West Shrine Game after playing the past two seasons at left tackle. ... Hard worker who will do all the extras to be successful in the NFL.

Brandon Kieth 6'5 349 (31)

A bit overlooked because of All-American left tackle Chad Rinehart, a number of teams see Keith as having more upside than his more decorated partner on the line. The albatross for Keith is his record at Oklahoma, where he quit the team multiple times. The second-team junior college All-American at Northeast Oklahoma A&M in 2004 also missed a lot of time in his first year at UNI with a bone bruise in his right knee. But physically, Keith has all of the tools to be a success on the right side in the NFL. And that's what late-round draft picks are made of.Tall, strong frame with just a bit of a gut. ... Long arms, which he can extend to keep defenders off balance. ... Effective at walling off defensive ends on the edge. ... A very powerful punch when run blocking. ... Can block down on linebackers and adjust quickly to pick up another defender. ... Flashes the athletic ability to get downfield and open up space for ballcarriers. ... Showed some versatility lining up at guard on goal-line running plays

John Greco 6'5 320 (30)

Has a thick frame with good bone structure and room to carry at least another 10 pounds of bulk...Quiet leader on the field, but will not hesitate to take a teammate to task for a poor performance...Uses his size and lower-body strength to get movement off the snap, especially when working in-line...Demonstrates good knee-bend and recovery quickness to protect the pocket and adequate change-of-direction agility...Hard worker in the weight room, taking well to hard coaching...Intelligent athlete who is quick to locate stunts and shows good patience on twists...Easily takes plays from the chalkboard to the field...More tenacious drive blocker than Nick Kaczur with great lower-body strength to get leverage and widen the rush lanes...Plays with true aggression, going full blast until the whistle...Has the knee-bend to stay low in his pads off the snap...Lacks explosion, but has a decent initial step, but relies more on patience in pass protection...Has the upper-body strength and body lean to engulf smaller defenders...Must do a better job with hand placement, but has a punishing hand punch that will generally knock the defender off-balance...His explosive jolt is one of his best assets...Plants his foot in the ground and moves his feet well to get a strong push off the snap, showing a good concept for taking proper angles for the running game...Has the strength to finish. will fall off some blocks when he gets his hands outside the frame...When he gets his hands on the defender early in the play, he will win most one-on-one battles...Won't fire out of his stance and get to the second level quickly, but is patient waiting for linebackers to target. Takes good angles, but his long foot speed is not evident, but he does strike with force when landing...In straight-up blocking, he is a good mauler...Has adequate anchor and slide in pass protection, showing the vision to read and react to twists and games. Will be better when he improves his hand placement...Good working down the line of scrimmage, but needs to be lighter on his feet sliding back in pass protection.


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