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same song, second verse for the falcons

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tom Baldwin (4/7/2008)
Last year you morons said that petrino was the next jimmy johnson. Yeah, now its this smith guy and that 17 year old gm you got. You guys won't win 5 games this year.

See, here, he let it slip.

"YOU GUYS won't win five games this year"

Not 'us', 'wqe' or even 'the falcons'.

Troll much, do we?

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tom Baldwin (4/7/2008)
give me one good reason why you really, truely believe your team is gonna even win half there games this comeing year.

There games? As opposed to here games? Is that a new way of saying 'away games'?

Bewtween 4 and eight. 4 being the floor, eight the ceiling, this next year. HIgher the year after.

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tom Baldwin (4/6/2008)
Last year Jamaal Anderson was supposed to be the second comeing of Chuck smith.  Yall talked about him like he was supposed to  "it"  for us.   The punk started every game and didn't get a single sack. Welcome to the NFL.  Now  this  Chris long and glenn dorsey are supposed to really make an "impact".  Yeah, right,  what's gonna happen when they meet some proffesionals instead of the scrubs they been playing for years?  Face it falcon fans,  all your doing is rearranging chairs on a sinking ship.


When Mike Smith get's through with young Jamaal Anderson he will be in the Pro Bowl !!!!!

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Shiney_McShine (4/7/2008)
Has ANYONE thought about ignoring this guy? Each time you respond to his rhetoric, you just fuel his desire to continue. Anyone that gets upset with is posts are being suckered in.

You're right Shiney! I'm outta here. This sucker can post all the junk he wants, it doesn't mean anything because we all KNOW that he is just trolling for attention. See YA!

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