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I see a lot Tom Brady in Matt Ryan!!!

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sporkdevil (4/6/2008)
Sometimes Ryan has a Brady-esque finish to a game, where he can make the big comeback that Brady is known for, and that is what you see in him. My problem is him not playing well the first 58 minutes of the game.

Not sound smart but the first 58minutes don't matter as long as the end result is a win.RIGHT?

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falconcrest58 (4/6/2008)
MattRyanFan (4/6/2008)
I can wait to see yall response to tht one.

 I do too.... but not everyone has an open and objective mind

I wuold sure hate to pass on Ryan and be sorry we did



OMG it can't be a Matt Ryan supporter.

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Just found out something interesting about those 19 ints. everybody's so down on. His attempts was around 670 during that stretch. Brohm threw 12 ints. at 445 attempts, omg the ratios are almost the same. 

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Why is Matt Ryan so good?

I think he is really overrated. His overrated status came from the VT and Clemson winning drive. VT- I give him credits for a **** of a great drives. However, why can't he do the same thing when put in the same situation in a much bigger game? Clemson- his receiver was wide open. closest defender is was about 7 to 10 yards away. Any mediorce QB can hit a WR that open.

And about how 58 mins doesn't matter and its about the last 2 minutes. You need a player that can consitently produce throughout out the game. Ryan doesn't play consistently throughout the game. We already have a player like that in Harrington. Do you know how much pressure it is on the defense if we have an inconsistent offense? look at this year.

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Legion (4/6/2008)
Brady was taken in the 6th round so maybe we should wait until then.

True. I like Kyle Wright. He threw nice balls at the combine. Sixth round pick for him is really good value.

The problems with picking a QB in the sixth that has Brady credential is very small. probably liek 1 in a million

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