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Spring Football


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You know how there has been people wondering, lately, if there will ever be a spring football league, well...

Don't we already have one, that is doing perfectly well... Arena Football League!!

Why do people want to add another football league, that plays its games during the spring, and some in the winter, when the one that is up and running, is doing a heck of a lot better than past spring football leagues (a.k.a. XFL, USFL, AAFL).

I mean if people want to waste their money on tickets, in order to watch some terrible team, in some terrible league, then be my guest! But honestly, who would, besides people who are able to spend money, like it grows on trees. But besides those people, who!?!? Don't you think that people have learned their lesson from past examples.

Now, I'm definately not saying that the Arena Football League is a terrible league, because then I would be lieing, and also because the league, from what I've seen, and heard, is doing just fine, and also, the teams in the league, are not becoming bankrupt, every other week, or maybe just every month!!!!

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****, I watched the Orlando/Chicago over time game today, that was a really great game. Of course, Arena Football is something you watch when nothing else is on, or you take your family to watch as an afternoon activity, it doesn't and will never get the passion a NFL team gets from it's fans.

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