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My First Ever Mock

NoS oUtLaW

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1 - Glen Dorsey - DT, LSU

Just seems to make the most sense here. Chris Long would also be a great choice if available however Dorsey brings the pass rush from the inside that is missing with Rod Coleman gone. He would solidify the DT spot and help us be allowed to run more Cover 2.

2 - Sam Baker - LT, USC

Some say he will drop lower into the second round but it is never a stretch to take a good LT. He's not just a guy to fill a spot. He will own the LT spot for a solid 7-10 years. And when paired with Blalock would be a deadly combo

2 - Lawrence Jackson - DE - USC

One of the best slightly underated guys on the board. Big enough to hold down the LDE spot but with the pass rush skills to play right end. Could Spell Abraham on run plays and rush the passer for Anderson or even take his spot if he never steps up.

2 - Chilo Rachal - G, USC

Argueably the best interior lineman on the board. Would open up running lanes for Turner and like Sam Baker be around and great for 7 - 10 years.

3 - Charles Godfrey - CB - Iowa

Huge, Strong, Fast. Could possibly take one of the CB jobs from day 1 and just like Glen Dorsey would allow us to run more Cover 2.

3 - Tom Zbikowski- S, Notre Dame

As you can tell now I really want to add players who would help run the Cover 2 better and Tom is the perfect Cover 2 Safety. He is smart and will punch you in the mouth when he meets you. Doesn't have elite speed but with his combination of smarts and power he doesn't need it.

4 - Josh Johnson - QB, San Diego

Yes I'm on the bandwagon so lay the **** off. He was used in a pass first offense. He is not Mike Vick. I don't even want him cause he can run. He looks like an amazing 4th round choice on passing alone.

5 - Ben Moffitt - MLB - South Florida

This is the only non-Cover 2 type guy I really choose. If he touches the ball carrier they will fall. Not even the strongest hitter just a solid tackler. With a few years he will be better at coverage and could, in a year or so, possibly move Brooking outside. Not an imediate solution however.

6 - Joe Jon Finley - TE - Oklahoma

Huge at 6'6" 250lbs. Could add another 10 pounds but is a lot better of an athlete than people give him credit for. Great value for the 6th round.

7 - Mike Fladell - G - Rutgers

Another huge boy at 6'6" and nearly 330 pounds. Will destroy boys in the trenches. Helped block for Ray Rice and Brian leonard opening up holes all day long. Perfect for if Blalock or Rachal don't pan out. Great for goalines. Another pick because he is the best Player available.

7 - Jacob Hester - FB/HB, LSU

Another BPA type guy if he lasts till here. Great for pass blocking situations. Could backup Turner/Norwood and Ovie. Another version of the guy we all called a pro bowler before he left, Justin Griffith.

BTW ##### off cause i'll admit I have terible spelling and grammer. Only critize the mock itself please.

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I like it for the most part. I can't stand Sam Baker, and I think he's soft, but other than that, it's pretty good. I love Dorsey, Rachal, JJ, Moffitt, and Fladell. If we're talking about a second round value at DE, I'd rather have somebody like Darrell Robertson than Lawrence Jackson, simply because despite Robertson's great pass rushing abilities, he's incredible against the run, too. I'm not sure what I think if Godfrey and Zbikowski. I kind of like Joe Jon. I don't really understand the Hester pick; we have our pounder now, although I can understand the value of the depth at RB and FB at the same time. We can have 4 RBs and 3 FBs with just 5 guys; Turner, Norwood, Mughelli, Snelling, and Hester. That's pretty cool.

Best Pick: QB Johnson

Worst Pick: T Baker

Overall Grade: B

Would probably be higher if you'd taken a better left tackle; if Baker ends up being a bust like I believe he will, it'll set our franchise back another year or two. Granted, that just means that we'll end up drafting somebody like Michael Oher or Alex Boone next season, which would make me ecstatic, so maybe it's like a blessing in disguise.

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Matthew Pritts (4/6/2008)
Boley59 (4/6/2008)
DE in round 2 seems wasteful.  We have Abraham davis and anderson.
So you're calling Anderson a bust after just one year?

Goodbye credibility.

Not a bust but potential bust. If he pans out we end up with three solid DEs. If he doesn't then we got two amazing DEs. Plus Abraham is often injured so it could help either way.

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