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trading back into the 1st to get brohm.

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i really like the idea of trading back into the 1st to get brohm.

ive just pulled the trigger on this deal in a mock draft and i think that it could work.

we will be trading with teams in the 20s and i think we could do this trade with the cowboys especially but also other teams.

we give

#34 overall

5th round pick ( varies depending on what team we are trading with)

we get

a first round pick in the 20s

and we also swap 3rd round picks.

i think the cowboys would be very interested in this trade and i think we should do it.

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jidady (4/6/2008)
With so many reports out there that Brohm is not even certain to be the third QB off the board, there is virtually no chance I would trade up for him. If he's there at #34, we take him. If he's not, we move on with our lives.

where are you reading this? he maybe the first qb off the board! the man is a sure fire frst rounder and a top 18 pick easy

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I just found a Todd McShay chat from the other day explaining the rationale (which I think is nonsense):

" Mike (Minnesota): Why is Brohm's stock falling so much?

SportsNation Todd McShay: I still think Brohm can be a good NFL QB, but I think the more we watched him on film, the more you realized he needed the right supporting cast to have the same success at the next level. He is very steady and he can operate an offense with the right weapons and the pass protection. But Ryan, Henne and Flacco each have special qualities that make NFL teams think they can, in their own right, create plays that Brohm can't. I have Henne, Brohm and Flacco, all within 10 spots of each other. So I do not think there is much that seperate the three. but from talking to personanle people on the road this week; Henne is the hottest of the three right now. While I think it is a little bit of a reach, I did have one scout say he is hearing Henne could come off the board somwhere in the teens."

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if brohm falls to #34 i think it would be the steal of the draft.

the gm that picks henne or flacco over brohm is going to get fired, thats what i think. not right away, of course. but i think flaccos bust factor is vastly higher than any other qb in the first 2 rounds. he doesnt have a lot of experience and is rising because of his size and arm strength, which is a recipe for disaster imo.

but, i suppose it looks like we will stick to our guns and not move up for brohm if he is there. it would be nice to move down with the chiefs or jets and get either dorsey or ellis, and then get brohm, mayo, baker and perhaps pat sims in the 2nd. that would be fantastic.

id settle for dorsey, brohm and baker for our first 3 picks though. ;)

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