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Another member added to the flock april 3rd...


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Wow, my first, the feeling was amazing, and still is, he was born thursday, and we came hgome today after being there since TUESDAY, and im SLEEP DEPRIVED, lol, guess i should get used to that, lol, , just thought i'd update a few of you, and let you guys know who hes pulling for already ;) and you know we're doing it right...


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Butterbean (4/5/2008)
That's awesome! Congratulations!

Hey - how'd you come up with the RussDogg screen name? That's my highschool nickname.

Thanks you guys preiate that, yeah little T.K. only got us up once in night 1 at home, really hes only cried a handfull of times, and held his own bottle up at day 2 for neary 3 minutes, and is already raising his neck up when i hold him, and pumps his little grip so tight man, i could go on and on, lol. but yeah  we already have our matching brooking jerseys too, yeah yeah he'll have his boley like daddy soon, lol.  But as for the dogg name, its from The HS balling days. Preciate you guys.

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Russ and family


Its been thirty years for us since my wife and I were in your same shoes.

Our son and daughter are Huge falcons fans to this day, at ages 30 and 26!

Your life has now changed dramatically.

But for much the better!

God be with you in this new chapter of life buddy!


There aint nothing to it......but to do it! 

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