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let mike mayock tell it or any other so called draft expert we need to draft a QB (matt ryan) with our first pick in the 08 draft to save our team and be the face of the franchise ... myself i dont care whos under center  CHRIS,JOEY,DJ as long as their winning thats all that matters to me   by selecting matt ryan 3rd overall will not make us contenders overnight .....he looks like chad pennington subpar arm ,good accuracy and makes some dumb throws sometime ....... any qb that we put behind the line that we have  will have trouble even if it was tom brady ........ they resigned Chris redman to a 2 year contract for a reason  i believe he's capable to run the offense for a year or 2 while we groom a rookie QB or DJ 

we have 11 picks to rebuild this team thats more then enough to build both offensive and defensive lines and still pick up a qb in the later rounds  .. i would much rather they pick up a project Qb and let him sit for a year or two and pick ellis,dorsey or long

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I agree with everything you said. If our first pick isn't a lineman I'll be upset. But I think we need to trust the FO that they'll do the right thing and pick what's best for the team. If Ryan gets selected I won't be happy on draft day, but I'll reserve me judgment until I see what he does on the field.

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filling needs with big strong players

1r Glenn Dorsey UT

2r  Sam Baker LT or RT

2r Curtis lofton ILB

2r Carl Nicks LT or RT

3r Reggie Smith CB or SS

3r Red Bryant NT

4r Chauncey Washington RB or Kellen Davis TE

5r Kevin O'Connell QB

6r Micheal Grant CB or FS

7r Mario Urrutia WR

7r Steve Johnson WR

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