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mock on moving the chains


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On my way home from work today I was listening to Moving the Chains and Pat Kirwin was doing a mock draft. I only heard our first three picks.

They were:

1. Gohlston (sp?)

2. Joe Flacco

2a. Brandon Flowers

I would be ok with these three, how about you?

Also, did anyone else hear the rest of the Falcon picks??

I made it home before the rest of the picks were made.

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This is all very good news.  The guys on Moving the Chains know what they are talking about.  Not only do they review game films but they have connections with FO's across the league.  Their mocks will not include trades until the week before the draft.  If they slot Gholston so high, then it means that the Falcons' pick has value.  Kirwan knows that NYJ and NE covet Gholston.  He also has mentioned that Cincy and Oak want Sed Ellis.  That adds even more value to our pick.

Relax.  This is shaping up to be a very fun draft. I told you guys to calm down during the coaching and GM searches.  We ended up with the right guys then and we will end up with the right guys on April 26.   

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