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Mock v 4.0

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1a. DT Glenn Dorsey, LSU; (6-2, 315 lbs.)- What more is there to be said? Dorsey is a great prospect and I have strong reason to believe that he will be the pick here because Miami and St. Louis will pass on him because of injury concerns, and they will go with more "sure thing" prospects such as Chris and Jake Long, or even maybe Darren McFadden or Matt Ryan. If he does fall to us, then I think that we should snap him up without even thinking about it. ****, for all I know we could have been the team that let leack that Dorsey's injury was lingering to a point that it may effect his future play. It would certainly make sense, and we know that Mike Smith and TD are very high on Dorsey. I personally think that getting Dorsey at 3 would be a fantastic pick. We need a DT so bad, worse than we need a quarterback. Jake Long could be a good pick here, but honestly, don't expect him to be such a dominant pass blocker in the NFL, especially not at first. I also do not like the idea of taking a RT in the top-3. Just my two cents.

2a. RT Gosder Cherilus, Boston College; (6-7, 315) Cherilus is a great physical specimen, but don't even fool around...he will be an average left tackle in the NFL IMO, and if we plug him right away at right tackle he could be a guy who starts for us for a long time. He may not start right away because we still have Weiner, but that could be all for the better because we do not want too many rookies starting on the line all at once. He could sit a year and learn before he takes over.

2b. LB Curtis Lofton, Oklahoma; (6-0, 246)- I will not provide too much analysis here, but Curtis Lofton is a solid player, and a true Mike 'backer. Can play sideline to sideline, and is a good wrap-up tackler. A few months ago I would have never thought that we would slip to this point...but if he does then we should take him and run. Will be a huge steal.

2c. OT Sam Baker, USC; (6-5, 312)- I am not sure why so many draft sites have him falling to this point now, but for some reason a guy who was once a mid-late first round selection is now a mid second round guy. I am assuming it is because he is not a mauler, and he didn't wow many people with his combine, but honestly Baker is a good LT, and he will be able to protect the blind side of whoever we put behind center. Great value pick here.

3a. CB/FS Terrell Thomas, USC; (6-1, 198 lbs.)- Thomas is the perfect fit for the cover two. He has the size (6-1, 198), the zone awareness and the tackling skills. Thomas is a guy that I really like a lot because he plays with the same type of intensity that DeAngelo Hall does, but he does it in a team-first manner. Great intangibles. Hard worker. Solid strength and in-line speed, and his trouble changing directions will not be as much of a liability in the cover two.Thomas can lay the wood on ball carriers, and he has great tackling technique. Good ball skills, he can recognize where to be and when. Thomas also has blitzing ability, which is a plus. Another 'tweener who can play either CB or FS, much like Jimmy Williams. Good in press.

3c (PK Comp). SS/WLB Wesley Woodyard, 6-1, 219; Kentucky- Woodyard worked out at the combine as a linebacker but, as I stated in my previous mock draft, he is a far better fit at the SS position. The more I break down his play, the more he reminds me of a young Lawyer Milloy, because of his size and ability to take on blockers and attack the LOS. Woodyard is perhaps more athletic then Milloy in his prime, and he always seems to be around the ball. Will be proficient in zone play, such as we will run here under Coach Smith. He is a physical player who can contribute immidietly on special teams. Ran an impressive 4.51 official 40 yard dash at the combine. Eventual replacement for Lawyer Milloy at SS.

4. OG/OT Jeremy Zuttah, 6-3, 295; Rutgers- I know that some people have Zuttah pegged as a Zone blocking OT, but I think that benching 35 reps at the combine tells us that he has enough upper body strength to sustain blocks on the inside. I would envision him having to put on some weight but Zuttah has raw talent and he can play any position on the line. Zuttah has played at both the tackle and guard positions, but he might project best at OC. Reminds me of a Tyson Clabo type of versitle OL player, and you can never have too many of those.

5. DE Jeremy Thompson, 6-5, 264; Wake Forest- Outstanding physical specimen, great size and toughness. Good arm length. Thompson is good in run support and great in persuit, but he lacks the moves to get at the quarterback in the pass rush. There is so much potential here, and I think that Thompson could work into our defensive line rotation, and perhaps eventually work into the starting lineup as a replacement for Abe. Ran a 4.75 fourty yard dash at the combine, but he ran a 4.23 20 yard shuttle and finished third in the three cone drill with a 6.97. Rushed the quarterback from the standing poition some in college. I think that Thompson had a good enough combine to work himself into the fifth round, and we need depth at this position. With the right coaching Thompson could develop into an outstanding all-around defensive end. Needs to work on his first step. I like this pick so much I think because it is a low risk pick with a high ceiling of oppertunity.

6. QB Dennis Dixon, Oregon; (6-4, 205)- This is the pick that I will get flamed for...but I am going to make it anyway in hopes that you hear me out. Dixon has good size, a good arm, and average/above average accuracy. Good poise. Despite what some here might say, he is actually a pass first QB. I know that Dixon has a lot of things going against him, and I am not going to sit here and tout him as our savior, but this is a very low risk pick at this point, and I am a firm believer that you need to build up your line and offensive weapons before you draft your franchise quarterback.

7a. WR Arman Shields, Richmond; (6-1, 188 lbs.)- Originally I had Shields as a guy we could look at as an UDFA, but he came in and had an outstanding combine, which should raise his stock enough to justify taking him here. He is a lesser known, small school prospect who has a good timed speed (4.44) and he finished third rated in the vertical jump (37.5), and second in the board jump (10'8"). Shows good extension and willingness to go for the ball. Muscular reciever who is absolutely ripped. Shows ability to break tackles and run after the catch. I honestly have some trouble finding something that I don't like about Sheilds. He does have some injury concerns, but I feel like he has enough talent and upside to make this a logical selection. Level of competition at Richmond University is a question, and he might take some time to adjust to NFL game speed and toughness.

7b. TE Craig Stevens, California; (6-3, 254) I previously had us taking PK Brandon Coutu at this spot, but with the signing of Elam I doubt that we will pick a kicker in the draft. That leaves the door open for us to take one of the best blocking TE coming out this year. Stevens will slip to this point because he is not a good pass catcher, but in a vertical system, a blue-collar hard working TE like Stevens could have a job for a while.

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Well, all of your picks are perfect IMO, except for the Dixon one.  It's not that I don't think Dixon can become a good QB, it's just I don't think there's much of a chance that we wait that long to draft our QB of the future.  I fully believe we will draft a QB with one of our first 3 picks.

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Scott24Falcs (4/3/2008)
Well, all of your picks are perfect IMO, except for the Dixon one. It's not that I don't think Dixon can become a good QB, it's just I don't think there's much of a chance that we wait that long to draft our QB of the future. I fully believe we will draft a QB with one of our first 3 picks.

Thanks for the feedback, Scott. I certainly see where you are coming from man, and I have gone back an fourth on which quarterback we should select. I was also considering forgoing picking a QB all together and just picking S Corey Lynch with our sixth rounder.

In the end I picked Dixon because of the talent that i feel he has, and I passed on a Quarterback in the first two rounds because I feel that the four players that we will get there are better than the quarterbacks that could get.

At this point the quarterbacks I think we are looking at the most are Henne in round 2, and Woodson in round three. I think that our FO likes Brohm, but I don't realistically see him sliding into the second round, unless Flacco or Henne's stock rises enough.

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