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If Tommy Bowden was a girl he would be going out with kyle parker..


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On freshman Kyle Parker, who is having a really good season with the baseball team:

I ve watched him practice and I ve watched him play (baseball). He s really good looking. If I was a girl, I d be very interested in him. He wears those tight pants. When you wear loose stuff, you can t tell the definition of a guy s body. In baseball, everything s tight and you can tell he s very well put together.

On starting left guard David Smith, a redshirt freshman:

He s not real good on assignments, but he s a tough guy and fights and plays hard. You ll take a guy that gives good effort. He s got a high motor. Mason Cloy s the same way.

On start freshman defensive end Da Quan Bowers:

He continues to make more plays every day. He s having a pretty good spring.

On rising redshirt freshman receiver Brandon Clear:

He s been catching (my eye) for not doing the right things until today. He had a touchdown catch today on a fade pass. He used all 6-foot-5 of him over a corner on a beautiful thrown ball by Korn.

That s really the first time he s (done anything). He s struggled a little bit learning his assignments. He s a redshirt freshman, but he needs to be a little more tentative. But he surely has the skills.

On rising redshirt sophomore punter Richard Jackson:

We gave Richard a chance today to really make a move on Jimmy Maners and he didn t capture the moment. But of course, Maners didn t jump out at you, either. He didn t lose any ground, but he didn t gain any, either.

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This isn't the first time Tommy has made a comment similar to that about a player. I can't find the exact quote right now, but he was asked about former center Tommy Sharpe only weighing 250. Bowden said something along the lines of that he's seen Sharpe come out out of the shower, and he knows Tommy weighs all of that 250.

Some of you might remember WR Brandon Clear (along with his twin brother DE Byron) from Two A Days on MTV. I never watched it, but I remember hearing he came off as a talented, but underachieving WR. He tore it up on the scout team this past season as a redshirt.

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