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With the #15 Overall Pick in the NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions Select


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Pick with the most votes between now and tomorrow at this time is selected.

Lets start it up.


1 Dolphins - Chris Long, DE/OLB Virginia 

2 Rams - Jake Long, OT Michigan 

3 Falcons - Glenn Dorsey, DT LSU 

4 Raiders - Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas 

5 Chiefs - Matt Ryan, QB Boston College 

6 Jets - Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB Ohio State 

7 Patriots - Leodis McKelvin, CB-RS Troy 

8 Ravens - Brian Brohm, QB Louisville 

9 Bengals - Sedrick Ellis, DT USC 

10 Saints - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, DB Tennessee State 

11 Bills - Keith Rivers, OLB USC 

12 Broncos - Ryan Clady, OT Boise State

13 Panthers - Chris Williams, OT Vanderbilt 

14 Bears  - Rashard Mendenhall, RB Illinois

15 Lions  - On The Clock

16 Cardinals 

17 Vikings 

18 Texans 

19 Eagles 

20 Buccaneers 

21 Redskins 

22 Cowboys 

23 Steelers 

24 Titans 

25 Seahawks 

26 Jaguars 

27 Chargers 

28 Cowboys 

29 49ers 

30 Packers 

31 Giants

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Detroit Lions 2008 NFL Draft Needs

From Andrew Wynne and James Alder

Mar 11 2008

Draft Needs of the Detroit Lions

Offensive Tackle A rookie who can start at left tackle needs to be drafted. Jeff Backus and Jonathan Scott then can compete to see who will start at right tackle and who will be the swing tackle.

Defensive Tackle A strong but quick defensive tackle who can shed blockers, hold the point-of-the-attack, disrupt the run before it begins, and collapse the interior pocket is needed to takeover for the departed Shaun Rogers.

Middle Linebacker Paris Lenon will be moved from the middle to handle the strong side and Ernie Sims will continue to handle the weak side. A rookie to start at middle linebacker must be drafted.

Running Back A running back to alternate with the oft-injured Kevin Jones (Edit by Nuccah: Released. Tatum Bell Retained) needs to be drafted.

Defensive End A young pass-rushing defensive end to compete with and push Kalimba Edwards is needed.

Tight End An upgrade at tight end would be a priority.

Return Specialist A late round pick could be used to draft a game-changing return man.

Cornerback A young corner to play dime and learn behind Brian Kelly, Fernando Bryant (Edit by Nuccah: Released), and Leigh Bodden is needed.


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Michael Overman (4/3/2008)
I just signed up for that football role playing game....don't know much about it

but I DO know I have too much free computer time at work and I love football...sooooo

(What is it all about?)

As a player, its pretty simple and shouldn't take too long to learn the ropes. Once you have your guy and boosted him a level with the extra flex points just go to the forums and find a team that needs your position. Hopefully you'll start for that team and increase in experience after every game. Every level you gain you recieve more attribute points to use on your player to build him up.


EVERYTHING is owned by players now I believe. There are some computer players floating around but they are used as depth usually. All the teams are owned by people and managed by people.

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grendel (4/3/2008)
Norwood32 (4/3/2008)
Guys they don't need a CB. They just acquired 2 good CB's and they run a Cover 2. They will not be taking a CB in the 1st. I voted for Derrick Harvey because they need a pass rusher BAD.

Yeah, me too, but I still think Limas Sweed would be funny.

Ya never know!:w00t:

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Norwood32 (4/3/2008)
Guys they don't need a CB. They just acquired 2 good CB's and they run a Cover 2. They will not be taking a CB in the 1st. I voted for Derrick Harvey because they need a pass rusher BAD.

Barely Legit OL, Barely anything on DL

If they don't pick someone in the trenches, its going to be a long season (although I'm pretty sure last season was a great one in their eyes :w00t:)

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Harvey would be very hard to pass on right there after a few years of dicking around with Kalimba Edwards waiting for a breakout year. But on the other hand, Stewart's power and versatility could finally bring an end to the endless cycle of running backs in Detroit. I went with Harvey with consideration to Stewart's injury.

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