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Biggest Clock in the World Being Constructed

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eatcorn (4/3/2008)
Guys, the jokes are way uncool and totally out of line. You're aware that there are 1.3 billion Muslims in thwe world, and around 1.2 billion of them don't hate you or even think about you much at all.

Rise above.

Yes that is quite fortunate that 1.2 billion don't believe that. I am currently studying Islam, (for school not for religion) and the Koran itself tells you to hate other people. Luckily most Muslims do not feel this way, but the stronger the tie to their religion is the stronger hatred of our ways.

I agree, we should rise above, and not make these claims against them, but if the true part of a group of people scream for your death, it can make you wonder why you should not feel the same.

At the same time, we have poured Trillions of dollars into the Middle East, totally #####-blocked any country from attacking Saudi Arabai, protected Egypt at times, and even helped against the commie's in Afgan-land. I am not saying that we should be there right now by any means. I don't expect them to worship us, or even like us. But they absolutely hate us, and ask yourself this question. If they were as powerful as the U.S. and we were in their position, what would happen?

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