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UGA's G-Day game available on TV, radio and richt not happy with wednesday practice.


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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 04/02/08

Fans will be able to follow the action of this Saturday's Georgia G-Day game in a variety of ways.

The game, which will start at 2 p.m., will be televised on Comcast, and several radio networks will carry the game: WSB AM 750, 199 on XM Radio, and WUOG, UGA's campus station.

In addition, the game can be followed on georgiadogs.com's subscription service GXtra.

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Richt blasts 'worst practice' of spring


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 04/03/08

Athens In a word, coach Mark Richt was disgusted with the Bulldogs' performance in Wednesday's practice, the last in full pads before G-Day.

"I just witnessed the worst practice of the spring," Richt said. "It was disappointing. Last day in pads, last day to get in some really good fundamental work, and I thought the guys weren't too interested in being out there and it showed. . . .

"It was half-hearted at best. It was almost like they were looking around and waiting for me to cancel practice. If not for the four-hour rule, I would have started the whole thing over."

If nothing else, the Bulldogs ran into each other a lot. The middle part of the hour-and-a-half workout was their infamous "spider drill," which features a lot of three-on-three contact. The players felt it.

"Until [fall] camp comes around, I think that was the most intense we'll be," linebacker Darryl Gamble said.

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Matthew Pritts (4/3/2008)
Sounds like Coach is playing mind games. He knows how good this team is.

I was thinking this is a possibility.

Then again...they could have just been lackluster! The last thing we can afford is for this team to start reading the press clippings and buying into their own hype!

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