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we are moving forward without vick

A-Town Stomp

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Ever since that article came out, you all have gotten your hypes up about Vick being the starting QB of the Falcons in 2009. Well, I don't see this happening for many reasons

First, Arthur said we are rebuilding the team to move forward with the new quarterback, meaning we are going to build our line based on our new quarterback and our running game. Michael Vick cannot play in a line where he cannot see over the linemen. He has to run to the side to see, therefore breaking the line up and confusing the linemen. Which is the reason why the Falcons sucked before because we built a line to suit Vicks game. We are going to build a line for our new quarterback of the future and Michael Turner. If we get Jake Long in the draft, it will be wrong to put Vick behind Jake Long, Jake Long bets fits a power runner like Turner and a Pro-Style quarterback.

Secondly, Authur said he will not say yes, or he will not say no. This means that it is Dimitroff's choice if he wants to welcome Vick on the team, cut him or trade him. Dimitroff has the say on the team. Dimitroff loves to build through the draft, and he would love to trade Vick for more draft picks like he did with D Hall especially if we already have a quarterback. With new picks from Vick, he can build the team faster. Vick will be 30 years old or more when he comes back and Dimitroff knows that s not how to build the team. He follows the blue print of building through the draft and letting players go and pick up more in the draft. Look at the next question. It will prove these two points.

From the AJC article

Q: Would you welcome him back to the Falcons?

A: I would not say yes. I would not say no. At this point, Michael is in a federal penitentiary [on a dogfighting conviction] and is suspended from football. We have to move forward. We are moving forward. We have to assume he's not coming back. I do wish him well. I'd love to see him play again. It would be good for the NFL.

This proves that the falcons are moving forward without Vick and that Arthur will not say yes or no meaning it is up to Dimitroff and Smith.

Q: You have gone on visits to look at draft prospects. Are you trying to influence personnel decisions?

A: No. Those decisions are made by our personnel department. They [Dimitroff and Smith] want me to go. I make myself available if I'm invited. ... I'm never going to be an owner who says, "It's football and I don't care about it."

This proves that Arthur does not have final say. He has learned his lesson and will let Dimitroff guide the team.

Q: What have you learned about the Dimitroff-Smith approach and how does that jibe with the formula of franchises that are consistently competitive?

A: The best teams in the NFL don't depend on free agency. They build through the draft, they draft wisely and they don't make mistakes in the draft. They extend their kids early and don't wait until their contract is up. They keep that core going for a long time. They keep continuity with the coaching staff. They keep continuity with their GM

This proves Dimitroff loves to build through the draft and would not hesitate to get picks for Vick to build the team.

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Good post T.I.  Did it take you all day to come up with that one, or were you shooting from the hip? 

A-Town I agree with you.  This blind loyalty to a player that shamed us as a city, our football team, and all of the players on the team he was given the opportunity to play for, makes me sick.  I hope all these huggers run to whatever team Vick gets picked up by after we cut his A_ _. 

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BayouFalFan (4/2/2008)
Some may not like it but they will have to learn to live with it. or without Vick whichever they prefer.

Vick is gone and the Falcons are on the right track. SB bound.

I doubt he ever gets picked up or makes a team.  Sitting in that cell may cost him his biggest asset... speed.

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The Vick thing can go either way.  If we pick Ryan at #3, he won't be back.  Even if we pick a QB in the second, it's possible that he returns.  Nobody knows, other than Blank and even his decision hinges on Adolph Goodell. Dimitroff does not sign any checks or generate any revenue (How many Dimitroff jerseys have you seen).  If Blank truly wants Vick back, he will be back.  A lot can change in one year.

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