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TD holla at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yeah but the question is the Chiefs are as likely to trade there first two rounds picks move up two spots. Keep in mind much like us they are a team with many holes to fill. <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Dallas on the other hand is one or two players away from being in the Super Bowl so they are more likely to give away the house to get that player they think will push them over the hump.

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I would love to see us trade down to the #22 and #28 this will allow us to pick up to address key needs we have in the first two rounds and revamp a ##### poor run defense.

1st Round

#22 OT Carl Nicks, Nebraska

Height: 6-4. Weight: 341.

Projected 40 Time: 5.15.

Combine 40 Time: 5.12.

Arm: 35. Benchx225: 31.

Projected Round: 1.

Carl Nicks may have solidified his first-round status with a 5.12 40. Doesn't sound impressive until you look at his weight, long arms and bench press. 


#28 Trade to Green Bay for #56, #60 and 2009 2nd round draft pick.


2nd Round

#34 OT Sam Baker, USC

Height: 6-4. Weight: 309.

Projected 40 Time: 5.01.

Combine 40 Time: Did not run.

Arm: 32 3/8. Benchx225: .

Projected Round: 1-2.


#37 QB Joe Flacco, Delaware

Height: 6-6. Weight: 236.

Projected 40 Time: 4.86.

Combine 40 Time: 4.78.

Hand Size: 9 5/8.

Projected Round: 2-3.

No surprise that Joe Flacco missed his first two passes at the combine. There's no question he has the strongest arm in this draft class, but I've always been concerned with his accuracy and pocket awareness. Still, the upside is tremendous here.


#48 DT Dre Moore, Maryland

Height: 6-4. Weight: 305.

Projected 40 Time: 4.82.

Combine 40 Time: 4.88.

Benchx225: 31. Vertical .

Projected Round: 1-2.

Dre Moore was the talk of the combine at defensive tackle, as his blazing 40 (4.88) was very impressive, considering his 305-pound frame. Thirty-one reps of 225 pounds wasn't too shabby either.

Moore played out of his mind against West Virginia. Steve Slaton simply couldn't run in Moore's direction, as the senior defensive tackle was in the Mountaineers' backfield the majority of the plays. He really improved his draft stock.

That 4.82 is not a misprint. Moore, who excels at stopping the run and getting to the quarterback, is a workout warrior. He'll bench 225 pounds at least 30 times. He has also notched a 34-inch vertical in the past. An expected, excellent combine may get Moore into the first round.


#56 SS Josh Barrett, Arizona State

Height: 6-1. Weight: 223.

Projected 40 Time: 4.49.

Combine 40 Time: 4.35.

Benchx225: 17. Vertical:  

Projected Round: 2.

In a weak strong safety class, Josh Barrett may have vaulted himself over Tom Zbikowski, Craig Steltz and Jamar Adams. A 223-pound safety with a 4.35 40? Amazing. Barrett was benched for a portion of the 2007 campaign, but he regained his job later in the year.

A monstrous safety, Barrett is one of the top defensive backs in the Pac 10. He started every game in 2006, notching three picks and 82 tackles.


#60 ILB Jonathan Goff, Vanderbilt

Height: 6-2. Weight: 245.

Projected 40 Time: 4.63.

Combine 40 Time: 4.63.

Benchx225: 28. Vertical 31.5.

Projected Round: 2-3.

Jonathan Goff had the best 40 time of any inside linebacker. Goff could vault into the second round.

One of the top defensive players in the SEC, Goff had 93 tackles in 2006 and was the leader of the Commodores.




Philip Wheeler, Georgia Tech

Height: 6-2. Weight: 248.

Projected 40 Time: 4.52.

Combine 40 Time: 4.73.

Pro Day 40 Time: 4.66.

Benchx225: 24. Vertical 36.5.

Projected Round: 2-3.

Phillip Wheeler had a solid combine and has a shot at the bottom of the second round.

3rd Round

#68 OG Jeremy Zuttah, Rutgers

Height: 6-3. Weight: 303.

Projected 40 Time: 5.06.

Combine 40 Time: 4.99.

Benchx225: 35.

Projected Round: 4-5.

Another zone-blocking lineman, as you can tell by his 4.99. Big East First-Teamer. Can play almost all of the positions on the offensive front.


#98 Frank Okam, Texas

Height: 6-4. Weight: 347.

Projected 40 Time: 5.00.

Combine 40 Time: 5.32.

Pro Day 40 Time: 5.27.

Benchx225: 32. Vertical 27.5.

Projected Round: 4-5.

This guy has been on my draft board forever, just need him to plug holes and let playmakers make plays. I know this is a little high for him but at this point we need a run stopper!!!


#103 DE Brian Johnston, Gardner-Webb

Height: 6-5. Weight: 276.

Projected 40 Time: 4.78.

Pro Day 40 Time: 4.66.

Vertical 35.

Projected Round: 3-4.

Brian Johnston opened some eyes at his combine, running a 4.66 and notching a 35-inch vertical at 276 pounds. A major sleeper in this year's draft.

A very productive end out of Gardner-Webb, Brian Johnston accumulated seven sacks in 2006, making the All-Big South first team. Level of competition is naturally an issue.


#138 OT Barry Richardson, Clemson

Height: 6-6. Weight: 331.

Projected 40 Time: 5.48.

Combine 40 Time: 5.47.

Arm: 34 1/2. Benchx225: 24.

Projected Round: 4.

A monstrous offensive tackle who has started 32 consecutive games. Has work ethic issues. For depth like Frank Okam size to good to pass up!


# 172 WR Marcus Monk, Arkansas

Height: 6-4. Weight: 222.

Projected 40 Time: 4.64.

Combine 40 Time: 4.57.

Pro Day 40 Time: 4.41.

Vertical: 36. Broad 10-2.

Projected Round: 4.

Is Marcus Monk back? While some teams might still be scared of his knees, others may just look at his 4.41 40, 36-inch vertical, 10-2 broad jump and great workout in the drills, and be completely satisfied that he's 100 percent again.

Monk did a solid job at the combine, but his recurring knee injuries will scare away some teams until the later rounds.

A massive receiver but probably needs to run in the 4.5s. Had 50 receptions and 11 TDs despite playing with the SEC's worst quarterbacking corps. Nice endzone


#197 KR/PR Nile Legania, WayneState

Height: 5-10. Weight: 185.

40 Time: 4.24.

Projected Round: 6.

One of the fastest player in the draft, Nile Legania will return kicks and punts for his next team.


I just addressed the OL, QB, ILB, SS, DB in the first three rounds with some studs!!!!!!!!


All player profile courtesy of Walterfootball.com.

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i will cry if this happens and not tears of joy. first of all if we do trade down with dallas which i would love to happen then we get way more than 22 and 28. try 22, 28, 61, and 2009 3rd. next carl nicks=NO..at least at 22. try this

22. Brandon Albert-will be the new LT

28. Brian Brohm-QB

34. Gosder Cherilus-RT

37. Curtis Lofton-MLB

48. Pat Sims/Trevor Laws/Dre Moore

61. Charles Godfrey CB

68. Josh Barrett-Safety

98. John Greco OL

103. Jordy Nelson WR/Adrius Bowman WR

138. Caleb Campbell SS

172. Jack Ikegwuonu CB

212. Bo Ruud LB

232. Anthony Aldridge KR

not sure about what overall pick numbers the 7th round are

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