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Falcons picks all hinge on who the Big Tuna takes....


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Think about it, the way Miami comes out of the gate has a huge impact on what TD does during the draft:

1.  They Pick Ryan #1 - This is the "woohooo scenario" - TD then has the luxury of knowing that the 2 second rounders in front of him won't go QB.  In fact, after the Vikings at #17, the rest of the teams in the first round don't have QB as a big need.  If Brohm makes in past the Panthers, Bears, & Vikings, then TD can probably sit back and wait on him with the Falcons initial second round pick.

2.  They pick C. Long - probably means that TD may have to worry about Brohm getting snatched up by Miami, so if that's his guy, he has to trade back up to get him.

3.  They pick G. Dorsey & Rams take J. Long - this is the "sucky" scenario for the Falcons.  If those 2 guys are off the board and we can't trade down, then you may see Matt Ryan as a Falcon.  It's a stretch for at all the need positions at that point.  You might see us take C. Long, of course if he's on the board at #3, then there may be quite a few more takers on the trade down proposals.  Perhaps NE or CIN.  Either way, if we have a QB, and Brohm goes to the Ravens, that means the rest of the team will be picking OL's and we may have to trade up to get that impact OT late in the first round.  Espcially since the PHINS need one too.

It alot of fun to theorize on what will happen, but there are SO many moving parts on draft day, I'm not sure how a GM can get them all played out in his head.  It's a tough job.

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Ok let me tell you where you are wrong here.

1) Matt Ryan to the Dolphins is the last thing we want. Then Brohm might not even make it out of the Top 10 because the Ravens could take him at 8. If Ryan slides to 8 (he shouldnt even go in the Top 10) and I think come draft day he won't, then we have a better chance of getting Brohm or the QB we want.

2) If the Fins pick Chris Long which will probably happen, then the draft-changer here is the Rams, as it has been the whole time and not the Fins. Regardless of who the Fins take, it will be the Rams that dictate what we do. If the Fins go Dorsey that sucks for us, but then it all depends on the Rams as to what we do. If they take Jake Long we probably trade down, or if they take Gholston we probably take Jake Long. your title should have been it all depends on the rams.

3) If Dorsey and Jake Long are gone before 3, you will see the Jets trade up to get him because if not the Raiders will take him and the Jets love Chris Long more than McFadden if possible, so we will be fine. Plus some people are convinced we take Chris Long at #3 if he's there.....but I'm not one of them.

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Brian - we definitely see things differently with regard to Ryan going #1.  I don't think that Brohm is so highly ranked and teams need him so badly that either the Ravens, Panthers, Bears, or Vikings are gonna reach for Brohm in the first.  The Dolphins with the first pick in the second however....Brohm will get snatched.

If all those teams like Brohm so much, then he'll be gone whether Ryan goes #1 or #8 to the Ravens.  So we're screwed from the gate getting Brohm unless we take him at #3 in the scenario you have.

Maybe that's why all the talk about getting Flacco.  Maybe TD knows that Brohm will be gone before he ever has a chance to trade back up and get him.

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