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McFadden is on fox right now

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FalconFanatic!!!! (4/1/2008)
if raiders get him do people understand how good they will be and im not saying that because of hall the raiders have made some good changes this offseason

They made a lot of changes this offseason, but I don't think they are good changes, per se, and those contracts will destroy them in a few years. They gave Sapp money to a mediocre DT. Who just came off of a ACL injury. Their inside will be porous and their will be little pressure on the QB's, so even with Hall and Asomugha (sp?) they will be like the Broncos were last year. And then they picked up another drama queen with their new WR. Plus they have to cut some people, I think they are half a million under the cap without signing any draft picks. They might have one OK season, maybe two, but it will catch up with them with all their over rated, over paid, bunch of "Me" players. DMC will help their team, but I would be surprised if they crack .500 the next few years before all these contracts start piling up.

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