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I'm Irish and here's my mock draft


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1. Glenn O'Dorsey - Lively young lad with a stout buttocks and a penchant for running down a pig thief.

2. (34) & (48) trade back into the first round, choose Brian McBrohm - Exciting young pip with a strong right arm not seen since John Sullivan's heyday.

2. (37) Sammy Baker - Full red mane and a complexion not unlike Mick O'Shaughnessy after his 10th stout. Sure and he'll look the part wearin the green of the Falcons.

3. Tracy McPorter - Fleet young dasher who excels at chasing those troublesome hares and returning lost pigs that have been kicked away.

3. Marty O'Rucker - Ah, the O'Ruckers. A fightinger family ye'll never see. Of the Missouri Ruckers, so he'll be showing you how it's done.

4. Jonathan Gough - Upholding his family's Naval roots, the young Commodore is a nasty one, he is.

Beyond the fourth round, I don't presume to know who'll be available, or whom is secretly coveted by other teams in higher rounds.

I would like to see another OL chosen, possibly a flexible type who can play either guard or tackle, similar to Tyson McClabo. And, hopefully, somebody like a Trevor Laws or Marcus Harrison will fall to the fifth (or later) round, adding needed depth to the DL.

I also think, with economics in mind, that TD could possibly trade away several picks to upgrade in the early rounds, allowing the team to pay one larger salary rather than two fairly large salaries. It wouldn't surprise me to see Dimitroff deal with New England at some time during the process, either.... possibly trading away a second round spot to the Patriots for some 'future considerations'.

In the end, I believe the Falcons will add at least nine new draftees,  DL, 2 OL, a QB, CB, ILB, TE among the choices.

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