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Anyone else with MyFalconsDraft problems?

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Wait about 5 minutes after filling out and submitting the registration page.

Click the link in your confirmation email.

Then go to main cover page and you will see top left where your email and password must be entered --- then click "log in" and it will show your user name as being there.

That's what I did.

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It said there was some sort of error on mine as well.

I tried to log in though and it let me. I love myfalconsdraft too. Rating the players and watching the videos are awesome.

Hurry and get in there. Help get some of these players ratings up. Some #####'s are putting BS ratings on some of the players and there ratings are becoming distorted.

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loozianafalcon (4/1/2008)
I just tried to re-register with a new screen name and password, but it says my registration is already on file.  Should I use a new email addy also?

I had the same problem as well. I re-registered with the same email and password. Once you got a new conformation email click it and the login worked the second time. I guess they're still working ou the kinks.

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Hey guys.

I wanted to let you know that I'm aware of your problems and working on it.

Just so you know, your access is automatically activated after you register - you do not have to wait for a confirmation email (for the time being) as the message tells you after you click 'submit'. We will start to require again once an external problem out of our control is resolved, so I'm not going to change the messages you see.

Be sure you carefully type and re-type your email and password when you register. Many login problems reported are simple typos in the password created. Please don't type it once, and then copy/paste into the confirmation field. That confirmation field is there to help you avoid such frustrations.

For you fellow techies, I'll explain what's going on...

The registration system worked flawlessly in testing; however, when confirmations were sent out to the masses, the emails were blocked by some email gateways that many of you use. The IP address for MyFalconsDraft.com is new, and some gateways, like AOL and Hotmail, just assume it's a spam server when sending a large frequency of mail. Other gateways, like Gmail, scour the message to make such a decision. That's why some of you received your confirmation, and others did not.

To resolve this problem, we'll have to interface with an email vendor that has relationships with all major email gateways - which will ensure that all emails are passed through.

I sincerely appreciate your patience as we get going. As you know, our goal is to push the bar with technology and create new experiences for you guys. As such, there will always be hurdles in our path - but that won't stop us, I promise!


- jh

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