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Falcons Mock 3.0/Analysis for 2009

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All Player Info gotten from.  Analysis is my opinion gathered from watching games or reading scouting reports.


:: Draft Needs 2008 ::

1. Quarterback - As much as I think the need for a good O-line is needed Quarterback is still the most important position on the offensive side of the ball.  Now this doesn't mean we should draft a Quarterback with the first overall pick but that the Falcons really need to find either a good Quarterback or a Franchise one that you can build around.  Though this could be addressed in the future (2009) the class next year looks weaker then this one and for those that think either Tebow or Stafford will come out next year the question is, do you really want to risk the next three years of the franchise on the chance they will come out next year?  Even though people will say this is a weak class you should just look into the actual (Seniors) talent pool next year and see if anyone really blows you away.

2. Defensive Tackle - Everyone knows that this is a need just like the Quarterback situation with the cut of Coleman and the setback to Lewis both Nose and Under Tackles need someone there.  Undertackle has much better depth with guys like Babineaux and Moorehead, also I wouldn't be shocked if David Patterson (highest paid UDFA last year) could be a factor in training camp and perhaps grab a spot on the team.  Though it has good depth it doesn't have a really star that can help dominate the opposing line, the need here is a good to great pass rusher which good be filled withthe first pick (Dorsey) or the second. (Sims, Laws or Moore) Now Nose Tackle is a different story though Stanley was average filling in for Lewis the position still has little depth if any, guys like Moore and Anderson don't seem like anything special.  The problem is there are very few good NTs with the best being Bryant and Okam with both of them having question marks about them.  This is likely either the top position to fill on the board or second. (behind LT)

3. Left Tackle - Left Tackle is a big need that should be filled right now so that Blalock and whoever is drafted can start to get a feeling for each other.  The switch to power running and a vertical passing game means we need strong blockers that can both push people off the ball and hold off elite pass rushers to allow the Quarterback time to make those big throws.  This could again (like DT) be filled either in the first round (Long) or second (Collins, Baker or Cherilus) but all of them have problems, doubt if they can play Left Tackle (Cherilus, Long), lack of strength (Baker), or lack of technique. (Collins) The Falcons will likely be taking a risk with any of these guys but need to find the future at the position sooner rather then later.

4. Cornerback - The trade of Hall has opened up another hole for the defense but I don't think it is nearly as big as most will make it out to be.  Right now I do believe Jimmy Williams will move back to Cornerback and be in the running for the starting job but I also think David Irons will get consideration for the job also.  Whoever loses out will be the nickleback or switch around with Hutchins depending on the situation.  Another person to watch is Grimes he came in last year and did a good job for a young guy from a small school, many scouts for the Falcons considered him the second best man cover corner only behind Hall last year so I wouldn't be shocked if he makes the team as a dime back.  Right now I see this as a depth need someone that could develop into a nickleback or a starter, I would see this as a mid-round selection anywhere from round 3 to 5.

5. Right Guard - Clabo should be starting but it wouldn't hurt to add depth behind either Clabo or Blalock just in case of injuries. (last year for example) Clabo should be able to hold down this job for a few years and if not having a talented player behind him would not hurt very much.  The Falcons shouldn't be desperate to fill this need but it should be on the draft board to add depth and plan for the future. This is a position that should be filled in the mid to late rounds with someone with either good talent or good upside.

Other Positions of Depth Need - WR/KR, DE, OLB

:: Draft Needs 2009 ::

Note : This is based on Seniors and nothing else

Thought I would put this here so you guys understand why I picked who I picked.

1. Middle Linebacker - The reason we should wait a year to fill this need is the amount of talent coming out next year.  Though I like Lofton, Mayo or Connor I think the talent difference between them Laurinaitis, Maualuga and even Beckwith is big enough to wait a year.  I know people will say how can you be sure we will get a shot at them and they are right I can't but being realistic does anyone really think we won't be in either the top 15 or top 10.  If we are out of the top 15 then we can fill another need and fill MLB in the second or third with someone like Philistin or Brinkley.

Main Targets : Laurinaitis, Maualugu, Beckwith, Philistin or Brinkley

2. Center - The weak class this year with only Pollak being a likely starter in the future makes it easy to pass this year and wait.  In 2009 there are two big targets for Center coming out next year that should be high on the draft board.  Alex Mack is the top target that I would love to have and if the Falcons do have a good year would be the main target in the mid to late 1st round.  The other Center to target in the second round is Jonathan Luigs even though he will spend a year with a horrible coach (Petrino) he is a big strong Center that could easily lead a line.  There are also two in the mid rounds that could be worth a look.

Main Targets : Mack, Luigs, Caldwell or Wood

3. Right Tackle - In my mock we get a another second in 2009 and it could be used on this position or in any of the other positions.  Though many on this board dislike Weiner he is a talented enough to hold down the position for another year and his cap hit isn't big enough to really make him worth cutting this year.  The main guys to look at for RT next year are huge monsters that can hold up against bullrushers in the NFL.  Loadholt, Boone or Gardner would be my top choices though Gardner would need to add weight but with his frame shouldn't be very hard.  Second tier guys would be Monroe, Reynolds, Murtha or Sester pretty much all of them will need more polishing of their technique but all have the physical traits to be good future Right Tackles.

Main Targets : Loadholt, Boone, Gardner, Monroe, Reynolds or Sester 

4. Strong Safety - Milloy will be the leader of this defense for another year and will likely retire or just leave.  This years Strong Safety class overall isn't that impressive and even though next year isn't amazing it has enough talent.  The first tier is Hamlin or Ellison with both being big physical safeties taht have good speed.  The second tier has the player I am most interested in and would have wanted had he come out this year.  Those guys are Ponder, Greene or Chung with Chung being my number one choice.  He isn't as big as the others but he is faster and from watching him play he just jumps out at me.

Main Targets : Chung, Hamlin, Ellison, Ponder or Greene

5. Tight End - Besides the top guys in this years draft I don't really see a whole lot of talent.  The guy that may be worth looking at this year is Kellen Davis but I think the picks could be used for more important needs in the this years draft.  Next year has some good talent in next years draft overall the main talent is Beckum, Purvis, Hill or Ingram but I think they should till the late second to late third to draft one.  The main guys I would like them to target are Coffman, Pettigrew, Nelson or Pascoe they likely wouldn't start right away but should provide better depth.

Main Targets : Coffman, Pettigrew, Nelson, Pascoe or Ingram (if he drops)

Other Positions of Depth Need - RB, FS or OG

:: Draft Day 1 ::


Round 1 Pick 3 Atlanta Falcons Pick DT from LSU Glenn Dorsey

Reason : Though some see him getting picked by the Rams I think it will play out like the following, Miami picks Jake Long and St. Louis pick Chris Long.  The LSU pro day proved a lot by showing Dorsey to be healthy it isn't nearly the risk it once was to pick him with the third overall pick.  Dorsey should come in and be a force on the line at UT and the good thing for him he won't have to produce right away as the Falcons should have a good rotation of Dorsey, Babineaux and Moorehead.  I like his overall strength in both his lower and upper body, he also has good quickness off the snap.  His only real problem was if he was healthy and he proved that he was at the pro day so the Falcons should have no problem snatching up another potential Sapp.


Round 2 Pick 34 Atlanta Falcons Pick QB from Louisville Brian Brohm

Reason : I know people will say he won't be here and I agree there is a chance he won't, the main teams I see that could pick him are Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago or Tampa Bay.  I see problems with all of them, I think Baltimore will get Ryan, I think Carolina has faith in Delhomme or will give a chance to Moore, I see Chicago looking more at Flacco in the second then Brohm in the first, Tampa Bay is the Wildcard I think they may draft Brohm but I could also see Gruden waiting for Tebow.  If it goes the way I think it will the Falcons will end up with their QB of the future.  Brohm doesn't have the best arm but has much better accuracy then almost all the other draftees and in my opinion is likely a quick learner since he had his best year under a new head coach.  Some compare him to Peyton but I think that is an overstatement I see him more as a Drew Brees type more then anything else.  The Falcons now have the Quarterback to build a team around and become a great team.


Collins is Number 78

Round 2 Pick 37 Atlanta Falcons Pick OT from Kansas Anthony Collins

Reason : Collins is a very strong pass protector that was shown during the many times Kansas threw the ball.  He is also a pretty underrated run blocker though he perhaps not the strong mauler type that some may want in a power running game but he will be good enough.  The majority of his problems aren't physical but technique wise he is a talented player that with good coaches should be able to be a top Left Tackle for years to come.  The Falcons will lockdown the future of the leftside of the offensive line by picking Collins and teaming him up with Blalock and will hopefully see good improvement next year.


Round 2 Pick 48 Atlanta Falcons Pick DE from USC Lawrence Jackson

Reason : Many will wonder why the **** I am picking a DE well I do have a reason.  John Abraham though still talented is still an injury risk and the Falcons have little depth behind him.  Another reason is because I think the Falcons will build like the Patriots by having good talent waiting in the wings for when veterans have outlasted their abilities.  Jackson will allow the Falcons a few things like the ability to trade Abraham in the future, let him go if he becomes another Hartwell or become a key role player like Justin Tuck.  Jackson has good quickness off the line and shows good strength.  The Falcons should build a defensive line that is versatile like the Giants in that they can pass rush you at any time and from anywhere on the line.

Draft Day 2


The Atlanta Falcons have traded Pick 68 to the Chicago Bears for a Second Rounder in the 2009 Draft

Reason : The Bears need DT help and I see the Bears targeting either Dre Moore or Red Bryant.  The Bears I could see really want Moore and by moving up into the top on the second day will give them that chance.  The Falcons aren't just looking at this draft and will like to add picks to help the team not just this year but for the future.  Bottom line the Bears get what they want a DT to help Tommie Harris and Falcons get picks that can continue to help them in the future.


Round 3 Pick 98 (Comp. Pick) Atlanta Falcons Pick OG from Tennessee Eric Young

Reason : This is the type of pick that is a risk and reward guy.  I know some won't like taking a risk on him but with Clabo at RG the Falcons don't need someone to come in right away and start.  Though like I said above having a talented guy behind Clabo, which again could allow more possibilities, has a lot of benefits.  Young would be a first day selection had he not gotten injured and getting someone with the amount of his talent on the second day is a great steal.  I think that he could be a top starter if he full recovers from his injury and could be a dominant Guard for the future.


Round 4 Pick 103 Atlanta Falcons Pick CB from Connecticut Tyvon Branch

Reason : This guy has been on my board from the beginning because he has good talent and can takeover the Return duties.  Tyvon is a CB that isn't overly polished but is a good sized and has good speed that can be a good talent to hold on to.  Though the main reason I want him on the team is because he has return ability he had 2 returns for over 90 yards both for TDs.  He will upgrade our return game which other then Norwood was below-average at best and also add a good young corner that could develop into a starter someday.


Round 5 Pick 138 Atlanta Falcons Pick DT from Texas Frank Okam

Reason : Okam is the second best pure NT in the draft.  I know some don't trust his work ethic but I think with a good rotation and a good motivator in Ray Hamilton he will be a fine addition.  I think early in the season, if Lewis is out, Okam will be the running down NT while Stanley is the passing down NT.  Then when Lewis is healthy Lewis will be the running down NT while Okam is the passing down NT.  The good thing about Okam is he can pass rush along with stuffing the run which will add to the new versatile line.


Round 6 Pick 172 Atlanta Falcons Pick OLB from Ohio State Larry Grant

Reason : The Falcons need a backup from Boley and Grant should fill hole along with a spot on special teams.  He started out at Community College of San Francisco and transferred to Ohio State.  He was a productive SLB with 51 tackles, 9.5 TFL, 5 Sacks, 1 FF and 1 INT not to mention his 3 blocked kicks while on special teams at Ohio State.  Don't think those blocks were flukes though as at CCSF 6 blocks and that was in one year alone.  He may never be a starter in the NFL but could be the special teams ace we have tried to find in Wilkins and Reese.


Round 7 Pick 212 Atlanta Falcons Pick WR from Louisville Mario Urrutia

Reason : Urrutia isn't going to amaze you with his top speed but is a deceptive deep threat.  He has great size and could become a good redzone threat and allow the Falcons not the fear the possible loss of the Jenkins.  His size and the benefit of knowing the future QB should help him a lot in the future.  I think Urrutia could takeover the slot reciever job from Horn and Jenkins by next year and right now give the team good depth.


Round 7 Pick 232 Atlanta Falcons Pick OT from Oregon Geoff Schwartz

Reason : He is a longshot to make the team but is a huge body that could be a good player to hold on to just in case he actually does pan out in the future.  He lacks good technique but perhaps in a few years could actually be contributing on the team somehow.  He is a good body to have for camp and is a low risk pick.

Hope you enjoyed reading this Mock and Comments are always Welcome just please don't flame.

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