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my mock draft

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1r Glen Dorsey 6'2 316 if not picked by MIA or STL

2r Curtis Lofton 6'0 238 Quick Sideline to Sideline runner,Hardhitter,Works well in Coverage  Future replacement for Brooking

His frame is stocky, but not overly thick, with solid overall muscle development, tapered hamstrings and a thick chest, broad shoulders and defined calves...Instinctive player with above-average quickness and playing speed to close on the ball with good urgency...Physical tackler with a nose for the ball...Like DeMeco Ryans, his instincts, downhill closing speed and ability to sift for the ball through trash makes him a better prospect in the middle than the strong side...Moves well laterally, but is best when making tackles inside vs. wide plays...Has a solid work ethic and strong leadership ability...Smooth and flexible when giving chase and shows the feet to get good depth in his pass drops...Able to slip and avoid blocks on the move, showing natural pop and strength to bring down ballcarriers on initial contact...Changes direction well and has the acceleration to close...Plays with good emotion and will give chase until the whistle...Will run a long way to deliver a hit and is a violent collision-type tackler who sells out to make plays...Well-respected by the staff and has a solid work ethic, as he will do the little extras to improve...Rarely caught out of position and reacts decisively to the run or pass...Able to anticipate and track the ball in flight...When he sees blocking schemes develop, he moves quickly to avoid...Keeps his pad level down to get inside the offensive lineman and slip blocks...Effective reading the inside run and stepping up to take on the lead blocker in attempts to stack (will struggle vs. double teams)...Can stuff a fullback and clog the rush lane when he squares his shoulder and lowers his pads to stick his hat in the opponent's chest...Has the upper-body strength and hand punch to reroute tight ends and slot receivers...Adequate when playing over the tight end, playing off blocks and taking good angles when chasing down outside runners...Slippery getting around trash and shows enough range to the sideline to push the run back inside, sifting and scraping, showing the short-area burst to close on the ball...Strong tackler who explodes behind his hits when striking people on contact...Can lock on and stay on the hip of short-area receivers, thanks to loose hips and quick feet to shadow...Picks up secondary receivers well in the zone and gets a quick break on the ball, showing good hands and vision to track the ball in flight and get to the pass at its high point...Not much of a pass rusher, but on the bull rush, he can bring the heat and chase down ballcarriers from behind.

2r OL Best to fit our scheme

2r OL Best to fit our scheme

3r Joseph Red Bryant 6'5 328 massive body to plug up the middle gives LB's space to roam

Has a well-proportioned, thick and muscular frame that has room for further growth development without having the additional weight impact his impressive quickness...Has long arms, adequate hand size, thick thighs and calves, showing solid muscle tone throughout, especially in his broad shoulders...With his wide hips and thick lower body, it is very tough for blockers to gain movement off the snap vs. him...Shows keen awareness to the play developing...More of a run-containment type, but has the savvy and agility to slip blocks and wreak havoc in the backfield...Quick to find the football in pursuit and is not the type that will bite on play action or misdirection...Was called the team's "most important player" by the coaching staff, as they use his hard work as an example for the younger players to follow...Clocked at 4.95 in the 40-yard dash, he carries his equipment well and, by keeping his pads down and hands within his frame, he generates good movement off the snap...Can surprise a lethargic blocker and slip past double teams with his burst, showing the strength needed to get a good push off his man...Excels at neutralizing multiple blockers and has that hip shake you want when trying to execute counter moves (this allows a teammate to be free to make the play)....Quick to fill the rush lane and shows good creativity and spin moves shooting the gaps...Very combative with his hands and has the strength to shock and control an opponent when he locks on...Shows good power in attempts to disengage and is quite nimble when attacking the backfield...Type that demands constant double-team attention from his opponent, as he is very hard to move off the line...When he plants his feet and settles in for a battle, he uses his low center of gravity to gain leverage and he keeps his feet free, demonstrating very effective two-gap potential...His quick arm-over action and upper-body strength let him consistently beat his blocker off the snap...Keeps his hands active, even in tight quarter, staying within his frame to do a nice job of protecting his body from cut blocks...Has very good strength behind his hits and is an efficient wrap-up tackler with the long arms to engulf the perimeter runners....Demonstrates the lateral agility to push the outside running game back inside and the field vision to quickly locate the cutback lanes...Because of his wide frame and brute strength, when he makes a collision tackle, he instantly stops the ballcarrier's momentum -- will generally attack the runner's outside leg to impede forward progress...In 125 running plays directed at him, opponents managed to gain just 89 yards (0.71 yards per carry)...Immovable object at the point of attack and is quick to hunker down and fill the rush lanes...Has the short-area burst to close in a hurry and comes out of his stance with his hands ready to lock on, control and shed his blockers...Quick to stack at the point of attack and uses his low center of gravity and strength to gain leverage and hold his ground firmly...Best when playing over the center's head or giving a good arm-over action to gain advantage over the outside shoulder of the guards in attempts to apply pressure...Tough to defend in the short area when moving down the line and is very conscious of low blocks and how to avoid them...Knows how to time his leaps to get his fair share of pass deflections at the line of scrimmage...Alert for angle blocks and traps, using his hands effectively to counter.

3r Reggie Smith 6'2 200 Will Be able to fill either or position Safety or cornerback

 Has long legs and arms, solid upper-body muscle tone with good chest thickness and defined thighs and calves...Has the acceleration and range, along with catch-up speed to make plays along the sidelines...Shows the change-of-direction movement skills in long pursuit and the flexibility and agility to easily redirect...Runs his feet well and explodes behind tackles...Has the instincts to locate the ball quickly on the move and will extend himself to make the play...Does not hang his head for long, when beaten...Physical tackler who takes advantage of his size and power to reroute receivers in press coverage...Rarely fooled by the quarterback's pumps...Stops quickly and has an explosive burst to close on plays in front of him...Has a strong work ethic and is a young leader who will not hesitate to take a teammate to task...Makes good adjustment calls in the secondary and has a good knowledge of the playbook to compete at any position in the defensive backfield...Whether at safety or cornerback, he has the power to play his man physically and the recovery speed to play off the receiver...Looks comfortable using his hands for the press and gets physical near the line of scrimmage, as he is disruptive to receivers running routes in the short area...Might get a bit rangy in his pedal, but compensates by flipping his hips and has better change-of-direction speed than most players his height (takes no wasted steps when he opens his hips)...Can see the big picture and drop back with good depth in the zone, reacting quickly to make plays on the ball and keep everything in front of him...Very alert to finding threats, generating a very quick plant and drive moving forward to make plays on the ball...Shows the range to flip and run on deep routes...Times his leaps well and has the long arms to reach around the receiver to deflect or pick off the pass...Has the burst to get back in a hurry when the deep zone is being attacked...Makes good body adjustments competing for the ball in flight and has the natural hands to cleanly field the ball outside his frame...Plays with good urgency chasing down ballcarriers and is solid in run support, gaining leverage by grabbing and wrapping the runners to drag them down...Gets good production going vertical and jumping for the ball...Will take advantage of most interception opportunities, as he has the loose hips to weave and the head fakes to elude on returns...The thing you see on run support is his ability to leverage and get involved in the play with no delay on his part...Has a good concept for taking proper angles to close and is always scraping and sifting through trash to get to the ball when playing in the box...Not a consistent wrap-up tackler, but will drag down and wraps better when making open-field tackles...Plays on all of the kick-coverage units and shows great effectiveness as an edge rusher or back-out defender on punt returns

4r Chris Johnson 5'11 197  40 time 4.24  KR/PR depth at RB if durability is a problem for Turner or Norwood

Has a compact frame with good overall muscle tone, thick chest, broad shoulders, tapered thighs and legs and room on his frame to carry at least another 10 pounds of bulk without having it affect his explosive quickness...Efficient route runner whose speed makes him a valid deep threat when lining up wide...Shows good athletic agility and vision, doing a nice job of planting and driving to reach the cutback lanes, showing excellent lateral movement and explosion...Has a superb vertical burst, staying low in his pads while showing crisp hip snap with his lateral change of direction...Patient enough to allow blocks to setup, whether carrying or returning the ball...Smart football player with good football intelligence and is effective at picking up the blitz and stunt...Shows good peripheral vision to locate even the smallest of creases and is sudden running through the holes...Knows the offense well and is capable of playing either as a receiver or halfback...Has excellent work habits and is the type that approaches practices much like a game (all business on the field)...Is more of a leader by example type than a rah-rah one, but he is good at mentoring the younger players...Tough inside runner with the leg drive and power to get physical with defenders in attempts to break tackles, despite a lack of ideal size...Takes well to hard coaching...Very decisive in his moves and has a very good feel for the cutback lanes...Has that second gear and explosion needed to accelerate vertically off cuts...Runs behind his pads with good instincts, doing a nice job of driving and spinning to get extra yards after initial contact...Runs behind pads well and has more than enough speed and quickness to reach the corner...Has good vision with quick plant and drive agility when redirecting and sets up the defender well with his stop-and-go action...The thing you notice on film is his impressive athleticism and courage, as he will not hesitate to leap over the tackler, keeping his balance while moving forward, thanks to good body lean...Does a good job of securing the ball before heading upfield...Has natural hands and good extension to catch the ball outside his framework...Used mostly on shallow crossing routes, sideline take-offs and out routes, but could possibly shift to receiver at the next level due to his explosive acceleration and ability to separate after the catch...Demonstrates good running ability on kickoff returns, as he will follow his blocks well...Has the quickness and burst in and out of his cuts to take the ball long distances, whether running, returning or catching the ball...Prior to his senior year, Johnson was considered a marginal space blocker, as he sometimes over-extended or lunged at the defender with his head down, resulting in missed blocks. But as a senior, he showed much better hand placement and punch, doing a nice job of locating the blitz and using his hands to lock on and sustain...Has also become a proficient cut blocker, taking good angles to locate and neutralize second level defenders. he shows good power and leg drive to break tackles and is not a liability taking the ball up the middle... Showed inconsistent leg churn as a runner in 2006, but it was likely due to his turf toe injury, as he ran at a lower pad level and with crisper cuts during his senior year...

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