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The time limit per draft pick

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miKevicK777 (4/1/2008)
i think that is soooo stupid. i think teams should have at least 30 minutes to decide. i mean, its a REALLY important decision, who cares if it takes long? the draft wasnt meant for entertainment, it can be as boring as it should be.

Man, 15 mins is too long.  I was hoping they'd cut it to 8 or so.  Teams know their draft board, they only need that time to listen to offers from other teams.

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I think that if they are going to shorten the time of each pick, they should have MORE rounds on the 1st day instead of less.

I want to see the 1st 4 rounds on the 1st day and just don't show rounds 5 through 7.

late round picks are usually unheard of guys, who have talent but who really waits to see the OG taken in the 6th round? I am more interested in the free agent pick ups after the draft.

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Nah I think they should get there time. If the draft wasn't televised then they would get a lot more time to pick. Yeah they might have their draft boards, but what if - lets just say - Dorsey injures himself from now until the draft and Jake and Chris Long go 1-2. What do the Falcons do? Take Ellis? Trade down? Trade down is definitely the best option, but with who. 10 minutes to entertain talks from all other teams? And that means you have to hammer out all of the details in those 10 minutes or you lose the pick. Last night I swear it took me like a half hour at least to agree in terms on an IMD trade.

Obviously people like watching a rapid fire draft on TV, but giving them more time isn't bad. If they know who they want, they just go up and say it, if not, let them deliberate.

BTW, even though Bill has had forever to decide on what he is going to do for the draft, I guarantee you that he will wait until the final seconds to announce his pick. Why?

"Hey, Jerry? This is Bill. Want McFadden? This is your last shot."

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