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Atlanta R1P3: Jake Long- Huge 6'7 tackle falls into our laps and we are all sooooo happy, because even if you don't like jake long, atleast he's not matt ryan... Jake long is known for being a run blocking machine, he is said to have problems with speed (vernon gholston) but we take the shot and put him in at LT...

R2P34: Brian Brohm- Who really knows where brohm will go at this point but if he's there and we don't take him, we just made a mistake... Known for a great arm and a great sense of leadership, only looked down upon because ESPN is hyping ryan up yet Brohm has done almost everything better than him, or atleast just as good.

R2P37: Sam Baker- We're faced with a tough decision, but considering we don't have many tackles on the roster and this guy was considered a top 10 pick before all the other OT's weighed in, we know this guy is a steal and put him at LT and let Jake long be a monster RT... known for being a technique kinda guy, just an all around great LT that due to his "lack" of size fell, even though at 6'5 315 he is more than big enough to be a pro-bowl caliber tackle.

R2P48: Dre Moore- 6'4 305 and ran in the 4.7-4.8 range, Our defense was pretty good last year even without coleman most of the time it's our offense that looked pathetic. So we take this time to upgrade our DT position after getting our offense a nearly completly young Oline and great young QB... always reminded me a lot of Sed. ellis with his speed and quickness, only difference is this guy is a little bit less brought together, we've always had a good Dline and I think with Babs helping this kid out he'll be a penetrating machine.

R3P68: Phillip Wheeler- No one talks about him anymore even though he's an absolute monster, all the other top MLBers will be gone and well we need one now, more than an OLB... Great speed and size for a LBer, will get it done in the middle... and not tackle his own team...

R3Comp: Tom Zbikowski- went to ND on a horrible team so he tried to be a standout, but we need saftey help and i think this guy has the tools to do it... Trust me I'm not a ND fan but I do like this kid.... hard hitter, pretty good speed, decent returner, all around good saftey...

R4: Jordan Dizon: maybe a little stretch but this guy will be gone by the fifth and is worth more than a 4th round pick... He was an all-american and a monster OLB that played for a not so good team this year... Help on the outside with boley and stephen nicholas...

R5: William Franklin- WR from mizzou, we just need some help with reciever. we got a lot better (roddy and laurent) but jenkins is a huge underachiever and this guy can compete with him for a 3rd and 4th spot, plus he can return punts (atleast better than fair catch jennings)

R6: Brandon Coutu- I'm not a georgia hugger but well... he can kick long field goals and even though Elam is good he's old too.

R7P1: Fernando Velasco- Depth at Oline, pretty good and underrated but prlly just good depth.

R7P2: Kolo Kapanui- We take a 270 pound tight end who still has some speed to be a blocking tight end maybe more.

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