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Shameless Dolphins rumors on GBN Draft Report.com


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obviously, if Dolphins take either Chris Long or Vernon Gholston then the Falcons are "in business" to land either Glen Dorsey or Jake Long.  I will be "shocked" if either of those players are available and we don't take one of them.....

read below - for what its worth(maybe 2 cents)

Dolphins reportedly ready to pick& There were a couple of media reports out in recent days which suggested that Miami, which has the #1 pick at this year s draft, has pretty much given up on trying to deal out of the top spot and have decided on which player they will take if they indeed stay at #1. Only problem is the Dolphins aren t saying who that player will be though of course Virginia DE Chris Long remains the consensus favorite to be the pick with fellow DE Vernon Gholston of Ohio State, LSU DE Glenn Dorsey and possibly Boston College QB Matt Ryan still in the picture. Because they have the #1 pick the Dolphins are also free to negotiate with any or all of those players and sign one prior to the draft, however, to date there are no rumblings of any such talks.
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hawkeyes (3/31/2008)
I wish they would sign one to help clear the picture up alittle on if we can get dorsey.


don't bank on Glen Dorsey just yet.....the St. Louis Rams are really looking hard at Dorsey.  I'm inclined to guess he's their favorite right now.....the only way the Falcons get screwed is if the Dolphins take Jake Long and Rams take Glen Dorsey - i put odds on this happening at about 40%.  Hope its less than that.

Dolphins are not taking Matt Ryan or Glen Dorsey. Dolphins too smart to fall for the "overhype machine" that is Mayock/Kiper/McShay pimping out Matt Ryan. Glen Dorsey is not a 3-4 nosetackle - so its down to Jake Long/Chris Long/Vernon Gholston for the Fish.

Rams are looking at Glen Dorsey/Chris Long/Jake Long...

man, i hope we don't miss out on Jake and Glen....

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