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Mock Draft

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flashinator (3/31/2008)
1. Jake Long /LT/Michigan 6 7 315lbs.

2. Brian Brohm QB

2. Curtis Lofton MLB

2. Trevor Laws DT

3. Charles Godfrey CB

3. Josh Barrett SS

4. Mike McGlynn OG

5. Marcus Griffin FS

6. Carlton Medder RT/RG

7. Jason Shirley DT

7. Davone Bess WR


Jayson Foster WR/KR/PR

OLB JoLonn Dunbar

its alright... some of the picks may be wishful thinking.. doubt they will fall that far like brohm and godfrey

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i don't think we need to draft 2 safeties IMO. we just got a FS in FA and we have a back up for him unless they move williams back to CB, but we still picked up cj gaddis for some kind of safety, unless he gets cut after TC. we also currently have 7 wr's on the roster, so not sure we will pick one up unless he is also a kick returner. i know they all won't make the team but it seems more than enough for now.

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its good.

1.Glenn Dorsey DL

2a. Brian Brohm QB

2b. Curtis Lofton LB

2c. Sam Baker OL

3. Charles Godfrey CB

3b. Tom Zbikowski or Tyrell Johnson S

4. John Greco OL

5. Frank Okam DL

6. Adrian Arrington WR

as long as we get Martel Van Zant CB and Adam Spieker C and a fast guy for KR in a later round or undrafted signing im good

A or A-:satisfied:

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