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Phe or Cam's Mock Draft

Cam or phe

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[1sr round]

-Trade down-n-get. . .

1stpic= David Rodgers-Cromartie CB

[2nd round]

1st pick= Phillip Wheeler LB

2nd pick= Brian Brohm QB

3rd pick= Michale Griffin FS

4th pick*= Barry Richardson OT (6'6 330lbs)

[3rd round]

1st pick= Brandyn Dombroski OT (6'6 335)

2nd pick= Ray Rice RB

[4th round]

1st pick= Josh Johnson QB

(I think we have another pic here)

2nd pick= Patrick Lee CB(NOTE* I've seen him cover hes sick nice, pluse hes 6'5)

[5th round]

1st pick= Terrel Thomas CB

[6th round]

1st pick= Mario Urrutia WR 6'6

2nd pick= Devon Bess WR

[7th round]

Last pick and I gatta amke it funky

1st pick= Joe Haynos TE 6'8

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