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Jimmy's old scouting report

scott hartley

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The stock of Virginia Tech's Jimmy Williams, long thought to be the No. 1 cornerback in the '06 draft and a possible top-five overall pick, is in a freefall. And a couple NFL coaches have told us that he is off their teams' draft boards all together.

Virginia Tech's on-campus workout for scouts, coaches and front office personnel was one of the most highly anticipated of the pro-day series. The event took place Thursday, with Williams the star attraction, but results have been kept under wraps. Normally, reports on such a high-profile workout would be out the same day.

Coaches and scouts in attendance have been very tight-lipped, leading us to believe there is great debate about Williams' performance. We now have the first word:

Williams measured 6-2 and 216 pounds, about 3 pounds heavier than he weighed at the NFL Combine last month. He ran in the mid-4.4's in the 40, but what followed has scouts concerned. Williams' vertical jump was only 33 inches, and his broad jump was only 9-feet, 8 inches. He could bench press 225 pounds only 12 times, and one coach in attendance said he thought Williams wasn't going to make it past 10.

It didn't get better from there. He ran the three-cone drill in 6.69 seconds and the short shuttle in 4.10 seconds; those numbers are average for an NFL cornerback. He also was inconsistent catching passes during position drills, meaning he might not be able to make many interceptions in the NFL.

Bottom line: Williams is a big guy who can run but lacks explosiveness and strength. He takes risks and is undisciplined, and he shows poor work habits and questionable character. Plus, he turned off many coaches and scouts at the NFL Combine when he didn't work out and then showed a ****iness and bad attitude during interviews with team officials. After a poor senior season and poor NFL Combine appearance, Williams needed an elite performance Thursday. Instead, he looked pedestrian.

Williams' stock is hurt even more when you consider the current NFL rules governing defensive play. Under the old rules, Williams' big, physical frame and straight-line speed would allow him to play in press coverage and dominate at the line of scrimmage. With the "no contact after 5 yards" rule now being called stringently in the NFL, Williams will be limited to a cover-2 scheme.

Williams has good size, but his cornerback movements are not strong. He doesn't twist well or open his hips quickly and smoothly, and that will cause problems against NFL receivers. The Virginia Tech coaches recognized this during the season and tried him at safety, but he struggled terribly. He lacks the intellect and ball skills to play safety, despite meeting the size and straight-line speed requirements.

Finally, Williams' decision to not workout at the NFL Combine has come back to haunt him tenfold. Had he worked out poorly at the Combine, scouts would have written it off as a bad day and he would have had the opportunity to improve at his on-campus workout. Now, scouts must take his workout at face value and assume he is what he is -- a big, fast player with limited football skills and instincts.

Maybe he is just not fit for safety or corner....he said he is playing safety this year by the way.

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The H.N.I.C. 2! (3/31/2008)
Yea this is his last try, in the cover 2 scheme hopefully he'll be better

Think about it though, its been 2 years and he hasnt seen the field much, houston started like 13 games in his rookie season, theres got to be a reason why

ya well I know he got benched last year for playing poorly on special teams, and he couldn't even crack the lineup over Crocker for god's sake. But when he has been in the game I thought he was played well for the most part. (barring blown assignments)

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