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Another Mock

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1. Jake Long OT Michigan

winning starts up front, and we need an anchor for our offensive line.

2. Kentwan Balmer DT UNC

with the departure of Rod Coleman, we're thin up front and Balmer brings a solid presence to the middle of our D. If we're switching to a cover two scheme, we'll need to generate good pressure form our front four.

2. Chad Henne QB Michigan

Henne is a leader and has a lot of the physical tools you look for in a QB...I think he's a good fit for the Falcons

2. Patrick Lee CB Auburn

he's a physical corner who is at home in press coverage--a plus for the cover two--and is a nice athlete

3. Phillip Wheeler MLB Georgia Tech

may be undersized but flies from sideline to sideline and would be a good fit for a cover two

4. Marcus Howard OLB UGA

you can never have too many pass rushers

5. Tyrell Johnson S Arkansas State

a physical safety who can play over the top

6. Mike McGlynn OG Pitt

lunch-pail type who brings leadership and versatility

For the last three picks I'd like to see more depth on bothy lines and a good kick returner added, but I don't have a great idea of exactly who fits there.




This is the first mock I've made, and I'm sure I have some things wrong...My information came mostly from scouting reports and I was working under the assumption that we are switching to a cover two/tampa two type scheme on defense. Any comments and especially constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated...thanks for reading!

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It's pretty good. I like all the picks except the 2nd round ones, Balmer probably won't be there plus his motor concerns me. Henne is too inconsistent and does not do well when pressured, and I'd rather go with someone like Cason than Lee if we go CB there. But other than those, I'd be fairly happy with this draft.

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i would be very disappointed with the second round. i really like balmer so im fine with that pick. however henne was considered a 4th-5th round quarterback before his big florida game, i think he'll be a good backup/game manager but not worth a high pick. lee will not be the best corner available there and at the pick id like a best player available kind of deal

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