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Not Long , not Dorsey


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Drafting Long or Dorsey would be a huge mistake. Here is the draft that would fill the most holes in the Falcon's roster:

1. Brohm, Ryan or possibly, possibly Henne.

2. Best OL/DL available

2a. Best OL/DL available

Remaining picks best player available according to need.

This draft is full of linemen who can come in and play right away and play well. The top two or possibly three QBs in this draft will be starting QBs in the NFL. After them there are only second tier QBs available. We already have 3 second tier QBs on our roster. Those of you who want to try to get a QB in the second round are sadly mistaken. Drafting an elite lineman with # 3 and getting a journryman QB just makes no sense when you can strengthen the line on both sides of the ball and get a starting QB in the deal with the above draft. I'm telling you, Blank/Dimitroff are not going to go through next season with the Qbs that are on our roster now, or with a project QB.

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We will be running the ball and stopping the run. Also known as playing Smash Mouth i/e traditional football.

Despite the dearth of offensive line talent available, CB's and defensive players in general are in short supply. I have faith our new top brass will draft accordingly. The QB talent looks "okay," not "stellar".

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FalconFanatic!!!! (3/30/2008)
1. Chris long

2. Dorsey

3. We will take long or gholsten i just have a feeling we will take gholsten and put him in there at MLB

I have to agree with you Fanatic.  Gholsten versatility for this defense would be great.  He lineup in the middle (4-3) or olb (3-4).  I would not be surprised with this pick.

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red2play (3/31/2008)
Matthew Pritts (3/31/2008)
red2play (3/31/2008)

That's why you don't draft a Qb with the first pick.  Look at this and tell me if there is a bone-fide Franchise Qb in this draft.

Yes, there are 2:

Brian Brohm and Chad Henne.

Did you look at the vid?

Yeah, I did SA. And I've seen enough and watched both Brohm and Henne enough to know that they are both franchise caliber QB's.

Maybe you should go watch the vid again.

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