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If you were Falcons GM for a day, what would you do?


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#1falconsfan (3/29/2008)
Curufin (3/29/2008)
I'd find anything with Matt Ryan's name on it within the Falcons organization and permanently destroy it.

That way we can be sure Matt Ryan won't mess up this franchise.

Me to.

**** Beyonce **** thats all I got to say
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stumpjumper (3/29/2008)
Carter (3/29/2008)
I would take a job with the Rams.

Why? At least if you goof up with the Falcons you could be made team president :D

Ok maybe not necessarily the Rams... I just said that because we already lost someone from the front office to them.  I'm sure someone would hire me after becoming an NFL GM with no prior experience. :hehe:

Kinda like that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine promotes the creepy mailroom guy just to get him out of the way and then some other company hires him at double the salary because he moved up so quick. :D

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fIX pROBLEMS all the problems on April 26

1.OL- I would totally fix the OL in this Deep OL draft,

Im talking atleast 6- 320 plus guys drafted,


Plus, I would UDFA, like Gruden, 100'S tryouts


Draft McFadden,

he is the Exciting pick,

He would sell season tickets instantly,

the Kids will want his Jersey and Autograph,

HE would fill up the Dome BY HIMSELF!!

3. Mr.Blank-

I would tell him ,

Hey , I cant win with this stupid filter in the NFL,

the other teams are to good,

I would rework Vick's Contract and Welcome him, BACK!

5 million a year at most with incentives,

He debt to Society has been paid.

It would be the New Big OL with Vick, Norwood, and McFadden Show!

4. MLB,

I would sign GAs Takeo Spikes to start at MLB and Move Brooking over to WLB until they both retire!

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Lord Dark Helmet (3/29/2008)
I would cut Elam for scoring 10 points against us in the Super Bowl.

You really do hold a grudge,  please don't do anything too rash.  its nothing personal, he was paid to do a job by the team that wanted him.  Now he gets to win games for us.

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