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My dream scenario in the first 2 rounds...


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I think some teams have DMac rated as the number one talent on their board.  I also think that everyone knows Al Davis will snap him up at 4 if he's there.  If the Jets wanted to move up then we could pick up a high second (maybe a bit more) and still grab Sed Ellis. 

1st 5 picks:  Long, Long, Dmac, Gholston/Dorsey/Clady

So we have Ellis at 6.  Then we pkg one of our seconds (not the highest or the lowest) with a third to move back into the first- we trade with Dallas who gives us their 22 (notice we jump Pittsburgh who would like to grab an OL).  Now we select OT Otah if he is still there, if not we pick up the best G in the draft (who also may become a LT) Brandon Albert.

So far we have essentially used the #3 pick and a third rounder to acquire Ellis and Otah/Albert.

Flacco falls to our first pick in the 2nd and we happily select him.

We take CB Patrick Lee or Cason if he is still there with our next second.

I think one of the following will be available with our last 2nd- G Chico Rachal/OT Sam Baker/OT Carl Nicks.  We take whichever best compliments our other selections or best available.

At this point we have:

1. Sed Ellis

1b. Jeff Otah/Brandon Albert

2.  Joe Flacco

2b.  Patrick Lee/Anton Cason

2c. Rachal/Baker/Nicks

(and no third rounder unless we score a comp pick from Kearney)

We could Address DT, OT, QB, G, CB without breaking the bank and without reaching (although some may consider Flacco a reach).  Although it is hard to predict trades, these are fair for both sides according to the value chart.

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