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Debating the Falcons' decision on our QB issue is always entertaining...

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Take Ryan, trade down, take Brohm, trade up from the second to take Brohm, wait until the second round, Flacco, Woodson, Henne, etc... all very interesting ideas. But here's how I see it --

Dimitroff's strong suit is talent evaluation. And in evaluating talent, Dimitroff is a self-professed 'quarterback snob' (a term I really like). So, in effect, Blank has at the helm a person who is supremely qualified to make the decision on what the Falcons should do at QB. In fact, if you were to name the one single task that Dimitroff would most capably handle, it would be to settle our QB position.

Now, it's fun to take a stab at what Dimitroff will do... but to argue what Dimitroff should do is like arguing what Warren Buffett should do with money.

But don't get me wrong... I enjoy trying to figure it out as much as anyone... :P :P :P :P

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I can see Dimitroff taking care of the QB selection and letting Mike Smith handle the other spots. Mike Smith is a solid defensive mind so it would definitely make sense for him to get the players he feels would fit into his scheme (which is what they've done a lot of this offseason). I also feel that our draft will be one of the best in a long time because it will be a draft where we draft the best player available that fits the team and not just the best player on the board at the time.

Should be fun come draft day!

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