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Should we expect something new out of these players?

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stoned_jc7 (3/28/2008)
I wouldn't expect more than a few looks a game for Horn. As far as Jenkins, you just never know. Sometimes WR develop slowly. In his case, very slowly. But you never know. As a 3rd option, if he could give us 500-700 yards, wouldn't that be decent production from him?

**** no! He was a 1st round pick. Let's not make excuses for him. He's going to have to battle somebody for that #3.

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I can't believe Horn is even on the roster, I guess it hurts us more to cut him. But we signed him for twice as much as any other team would have.

Jenkins is good near the redzone, he can make some good plays, but man does he have bad luck on bobbles. As a #3 I like him, as a 1st round pick of course he is a little disappointing.

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sivik_outkast (3/28/2008)
Joe Horn is done, stick in the fork.  Joe's last years of being good were when he always burnt us.  But when we sign him, he sucks watemelons through a straw.  Pick six will still be pick six.

why does one play characterize his career nickname. Michael "pick six" Jenkins was are second leading reciever last year after roddy, why can't we name him "second leading falcons reciever" jenkins. or "7 tds two years ago" Jenkins, or "amazing red zone threat" Jenkins. Im just asking that you use nicknames based on facts, and the fact is that he made one bad play and gets a bad rap

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One bad play?  LOL  maybe in a span of 2 minutes

The guy is not so bad but he is definitely not to good either.

This is the play I remember from him the most, so this is what I call him along with alot of others. 

Maybe we should give him Finnerans old nickname will that suit you better?

Michael "Butterfingers" Jenkins

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