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6'1 198lbs CB/FS Antwaun Molden


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I talked to my boy about Antwaun Molden because i was intrigued about this guy because not only does this guy have the measurable but his combine was outstanding... So my peoples told me he looked at some tape on Antwaun Molden and he the tape that he looked at reminds him of a bigger version of the Cornerback that we currently have......Chris Houston

I was like stop playing.....so he sent me a copy of Antwaun Molden game and the texas vs the nation game ....Antwaun Molden is exactly like Chris Houston.... Molden is strong (23 reps of 225lbs) , fast , great recover speed, stays on the WR hip, and a great tackler.......His only main con against him is his playing the ball ability and he is somewhat raw...Just like Chris Houston , Molden must improve on playing the ball but besides that he will be a player in this league......Molden and Chris Houston will be very good cover 2 CB because both of them is strong and tackle good...... there mind set is not set on "Im a man to man CB" .... Both are Young (in nfl years) and can be molded into whatever the coaching staff want them to be

We can get Antwaun Molden with our 3rd or 4th round pick ..... This have everything you need in a CB....Last season Molden had 70 tackles and 9 passes deflected but only 2 ints.... With the right coaching he could grow into something really good




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Definitely going to need a 2nd CB to go with Houston. Houston will be just fine. He got picked on ALOT this year and which a lack of pass rush and weak safety play it made him look very bad but I think his abilities will carry him through...DHall was the same way his rookie season and he improved in year 2.

I don't watch alot of college sports...I only pay attention at the combine and the combine reports and then I read the draft magazine ESPN puts out to get the skinny on players since they use Scouts, INC. to help write it (it's not entirely Kiper's opinion).

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