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My Mock Draft


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99f25bc9-2ace-47ca-9b87-e4e8.jpg1st Glenn Dorsey (DT) LSU

I'm conviced that he's healthy. Rare Warren Sapp type player that doesnt come by too often. Dorsey is a beast, and we can't pass him up.

a1db8314-700a-4723-8289-a359.jpg2nd Gosder Cherilus (OT) Boston College

Gosder Cherilus is a great tackle, high-charactered, and intelligent.

2nd Lawrence Jackson (DE) USC

I know i'll be bashed for this pick. One word explains my pick, DEPTH. This is a copy cat league and you just can't ignore what the Giants have done with their unevitable pressure. John Abraham, Jamaal Anderson, Lawrence Jackson, Glenn Dorsey, Trey Lewis, etc. Sounds scary if u were the other team's Quarterback.

2nd Terrell Thomas (CB) USC

Terrell Thomas is quite quick for his size, very physical. Our secondary has to be upgraded. He's a cover 2 corner who will tackle one on one.

c8902183-1288-4e33-9c17-0d40.jpg3rd Philip Wheeler (LB) Georgia Tech

Solid middle linebacker. He can do it all and will allow Keith Brooking to move outside to his natural position.

f2f9368d-73aa-4d75-8c55-e73b.jpg4th Andre Woodson (QB) Kentucky

We all have different opinions about the quarterback choice. This is mine. He just wins. I believe he'll slip this far, i hope. I could be wrong.

5th Jamie Silva (SS) Boston College

He just reminds me of Troy Polomalu, not just because of his hair. He has amazing instincts and is a tremendous ball hawk who is good tackler. He's an old school safety.

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Interesting mock. No doubt. If Jake Long is available would you draft him over Dorsey? Just wondering.

If we aren't going to take Ryan, Brohm or Falcoo (a QB in the 1st or 2nd round) I like the idea of trying to wait till the late round to get Woodson. Wheelers is nice pick. I wouldn't mind us getting him. In fact I would love if we got Wheeler.

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It's an okay draft. I don't think Cherilus will be there in the second round. Also, I'm not sold on drafting a DE in the second round - we need a starter with that pick, not another player for depth. I don't share your enthusiasm for Woodson - if all he does is win, then he didn't do a very good job of it this season. I view him as more of a very long term project than a developmental quarterback. The CB in the second is a very solid pick, and I would be happy with most of the other picks too. It's not the best mock I've seen, but it's certainly not the worst either.

Good job with the customized unis btw.

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