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Jake Long,Ellis,Dorsey,Chris long


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Jake Long. I watched highlight tapes on all of these player and the one that really did not do anything for me was the OL beast in Jake.

The more and more I look at film on him I think that there are 3-4 other linemen who are in the game as good or better.

I know he threw up 36 reps in the bench and he is strong but I am not 100% convinced he will be the guy we really need and cant get later in the draft.

Chris Long looks like a young Kerney to me and his hustle is amazing.Not to many draw backs with this guy.

Ellis looks solid but not as big of a play maker as Dorsey.My opinion he was strong in a weaker league then the SEC,but I am bias.

Dorsey Looks like the REAL deal.He looks NFL ready NOW.If he can remain healthy this is the guy that can make our cover 2 works so well.The kind of pressure he will cause an opposing QB is huge.

I know he is tough and in the NFL players play hurt all the time.I personally think that if we draft him we throw in a some kind of healthy clause and sign his but.

The depth in the draft at OL will help us in not making a bad choice this draft.Not saying its full proof but we have a major chance in having a good draft this season who are NFL ready and can have an impact now.

Your thoughts?

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Nice , you have the 4 down I would want one of those guys , if we got any of them I'd be happy with that . I know we don't need a DE as bad but Chris and Ellis are the two safest picks in the draft , with Jake being the other . And Chris would be to good to pass if he is still there when we pick .

Oh! , and what you said about Ellis , you need to check the stats .

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I pretty much agree with your breakdown, with a few minor changes:

I think Jake Long is better than you give him credit for. He may not be the best pass blocker in the draft, but he is definately the best run blocker. Whenever I watched him, I saw an elite motor where he would play until the whistle every down. As good as Thomas was last year, Long is a much more well-rounded and technically sound player. I would grade them just about equally.

Chris Long would be the safest pick, and is probably the best player at this point of the four. However, his upside is very limited - he's probably not going to improve a whole lot on where he is now. Unlike alot of DE's coming out of college, his game is already very polished - he takes advantage of his superior technique and vast array of moves to outsmart opposing OT's.

Ellis is probably the most enigmatic player of the four. It all comes down to how he develops as a pro. He could just as easily wind up a bust as the best player of the four. Many people are quick to point to his senior bowl performance where he was unblockable: however, blocking schemes are not installed for those games and linemen are not familiar with one another, so it is basically every man for themselves. Most UT's in the league can win 1 on 1 matchups with centers or guards - those very rarely happen however especially towards the elite ones in the league. He is the most raw of the four, but also has the most upside and potential to be the best player.

Dorsey has, in my opinion, the best mix of potential and ability. He has shown that he can start immediately and be an impact player in the NFL, and still has plenty of room to improve. Before his injury this season, he was rated by almost everyone to be the top pick in the draft - even when injured he still managed to make a significant impact on every game. His excellent combination of power against the run and moves when collapsing the pocket will make him one of the elite DT's in the league almost immediately. His injury history is somewhat worrisome, but everything seems to be overblown before the draft anyway.

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