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My First Falcons Article

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Hello Falcons Nation, I know there have been better days, but with the with the third, 34th, 37th, 48th and 68th selections in the upcoming draft there is a lot of room for hope.

I recently published my first Falcons article, and would appreciate some feedback. It does not cover anything you have not already seen, but I am curious to know what you questions you would like to have answered, or which draft eligible candidates you'd like to see be considered more thoroughly. Here is the link hope you like it:


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Brendan Lemire (3/28/2008)
Dem Birds Can Fly (3/28/2008)
What can I say, you are already light years ahead of most of the writers for the AJC. ...unfortunatly that doesn't say a whole lot. Good though.

Thanks for the kind words? What are your biggest concerns for this off-season?

My biggest concern is the draft and hoping that we don't draft the wrong player(s)...

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