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Just wondering, which TATF members are playing this game because I'm bored and want to check out your player/team. I kinda want to join a team with someone else I know.

I want a bigger contract, a winning team, and players I know on the team so just wondering who is playing this game?

And for those of you that don't know what Goal line blitz is, it's an online multiplayer game that allows you to create a player/franchise and run it like a real NFL organization.


Maybe someone can create an Atlanta Falcons team and have board members be on it?

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I just signed up a day or two ago. My first game is in about an hour. I've got a HB named Brickwall McCall. My team is the Parma Burglars of the USA AAA Western Conference. headed into todays game the team is 4-4 but i really like the people running the team. Pay is very good and all players see alot of game action. This is not the team to be on if you are looking to be a superstar player. If you are looking to be on a player friendly team that will make the playoffs and compete for the championship then Parma is your team. The owner will not lock you down if you are unhappy with playing time. just ask for a trade and he will do it. I'll throw in a good word for you if you would like to join the team somecut.

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somecut8 (3/28/2008)
MidWest Falcon (3/28/2008)
I'm creating my team as you read this. Go to the fantasy forum and let me know if you want me to send any offers ;)

The team name is the Atlanta Mudcats (American BB conference)

Awesome! Try to trade for me.


I already sent the offer.  Ask your owner to be traded as well ;)

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