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I think the worst thing we can do as a franchise right now would be to throw money at aged veterans who have only a couple of sub-par years left in them.

I used to love watching Ty Law play, but he's got very little left in the tank. This team needs to build a core of young players, and as such, there is no need to sign veterans like Law to keep rookies off the field.

Lets get the kids some real experience this year. Build the core!

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I shoot heroin (3/27/2008)
UGA_DAWG46 (3/27/2008)
Too old. He is still good though. We are also in the youth movement.

You sir obviously have not watched him play the last three years, good try though keep on truckin

We did I say he can't play. READ: HE IS STILL GOOD. You sir are illiterate.

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