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1st mock ever. My other one got deleted for some reason

The Don™

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1st - Glenn Dorsey - Instant Starter at UT, ot NT if Trey isn't ready

2nd - Have to get QB with the first 2nd rounder or 2nd 2nd rounder. After our 1st 2nd rounder the Chiefs pick, and they might take a QB(Flacco, Henne) if they don't take Ryan. After out 2nd 2nd rounder there are tons of teams wanting QB's.

a. Brohm...alt. Henne - Franchise QB

b. Jerod Mayo...alt. Lofton - Can play ILB or can move back outside in 09 for Maualuga

c. Sam Baker...alt. Anthony Collins - Natural LT, and can start Day 1

3rd - Chilo Rachal - Good G that can replace Forney

4th - Tyvon Branch...alt. Terrell Thomas - Physical and great Cover 2 CB

5th - Kirk Barton - Solid RT dpeth

6th - Titus Brown - Pass rushing DE if Abaham gets hurt(God forbid)

7th - Adrian Arrington(Nice slot WR that can compete with Jenkins)

7th - Anthony Alridge - KR/PR

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