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Anyone heard of Maurice Murray?

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I'll admit I know nothing about the kid but looking at his career numbers and workouts he appears to be a sneaky, late round steal. Check him out and tell me how you feel...

http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/profile.php?pyid=73860http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/profile.php?pyid=73860' s_oid="http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/profile.php?pyid=73860" s_oidt="0">

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somecut8 (3/27/2008)
What's so special about him? He has good size, that's about it.

Jason Shirley would be better.

Obviously you haven't read Shirley's bio, consisting of poor on and off the field issues.The guy was suspended three seperate times last year and only played three games?!?

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